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Let's Make A Grilled Pizza With Jersey's Own Julia Molinari!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on July 6, 2024 at 4:30 PM EDT

Julia Molinari is well-known for her pizza-making skills. She often shares cooking demo videos on TikTok to help inspire others to get in the kitchen to whip up something homemade and delicious.

Molinari recently shared a video showing how she made a pizza a little different than the norm - on the barbecue grill, poolside.

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Julia Molinari Celebrated The Fourth Of July With A Grilled Pizza!

Julia Molinari
TikTok | Julia Molinari

While she's often seen making a variety of different kinds of pizza in her family's restaurant, Molinari recently made a pizza on the grill and shared the experience with her social media followers.

"Let's make some pizzas," she said before pulling out her homemade pizza dough. As she prepared her dough to transform into a delectable summer treat, she walked everyone through the process. She then sliced up some fresh mozzarella to put on top of her pizza dough. She showed how she oils up the dough before placing it onto the hot grill.

After the dough is grilled on one side, Molinari flips it to grill up the other side. Once ready, she adds sauce and her fresh mozzarella slices and then closes the grill.

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Julia Molinari Is A 'Fan Of Grilled Pizza'

After taking the perfectly cooked pizza off the grill, Molinari added some fresh basil from the garden, as well as some "flaky salt" and a drizzle of olive oil.

She then sliced up the crunchy pizza before taking a bite.

"Oh, my goodness. Cheers," she said as she admired the slice of pizza in her hand. After enjoying a few bites, she moved closer to the camera so everyone could hear the loud crunch of the grilled pizza.

"I'm absolutely a fan of grilled pizza," she said. "This is really good."

Viewers were absolutely wowed that Molinari made a pizza on the barbecue grill.

"Okay hold on, you made this on the BBQ? We need more details, high heat? Low heat? Seriously I want to try this," one person wrote, to which Molinari responded, "lowww heat."

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Another viewer shared, "That is the best-looking pizza I’ve ever seen in my entire life."

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Julia Molinari Also Shared A Video Making Pizza Dough At Home

A video shared right before her grilled pizza video demonstrates making homemade pizza dough.

"While sitting on the beach today, I had an idea - homemade pizza dough," Molinari said. She then began demonstrating how to make pizza dough from scratch.

She made one batch with bread flour and one batch with double zero flour. After the dough was ready, she wrapped it in plastic wrap and refrigerated it so she could make grilled pizza the following day for her Fourth of July celebration.

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'Cheers To 20'

Over on Molinari's Instagram page, the vibe is slightly different with the main focus being her beach-loving side.

In a recently posted carousel of photos, Molinari shared that she just celebrated her 20th birthday.

Wearing a blue and white dress and standing by a body of water, most likely in New Jersey where Molinari lives, the perfect sunset can be seen in the background. Many of her followers dropped into the comments to wish her a happy birthday and tell her how beautiful she was looking.

Molinari also shared two more photos from the same shoot in a later post but turned off the comment section.

The Jersey Girl Recently Gave More Information About Her Life

In a recently shared TikTok video, Molinari shared some more insight into her life with her social media followers.

"I’m from the Jersey Shore. I go to the beach with my friends every single day,” she said as she poured breadcrumbs into a pan. "I’ve been dancing since I was 2, and I started competitive dancing when I was like 9. Actually wanted to dance in college, but I ended up at Rutgers University, which was the most financially responsible decision.”

She also shared that she learned all about cooking from growing up in her family's restaurant as a third-gen Italian. Molinari began sharing cooking demo videos after making one for fun for her friends and watching it blow up two weeks later.

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