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Let's Make Pesto And Pizza With Jersey's Own Julia Molinari!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on June 26, 2024 at 4:00 PM EDT

Julia Molinari is sharing more of her life with her millions of social media followers.

In a recently shared TikTok video, Molinari shares some information about her life while making a chicken parmesan pizza sandwich. 

But before we dive into the juicy details of the popular content creator’s life, “Let’s make a pizza!”

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Julia Molinari Makes Pesto And Pizza!

Julia Molinari
TikTok | Julia Molinari

Molinari started her TikTok video in the iconic way she typically does, by enthusiastically saying, "Let's make a pizza!"

After pulling out a bag of fresh basil given to her by people named Jim and Sue, Molinari said she was going to “put this to good use.” 

She then got all her fresh ingredients to make her pesto and demonstrated the process. She also demonstrated how she prepares her pizza dough for her masterpiece meal.

After the dough was tossed and ready to go, she added spoonfuls of the freshly made pesto onto the dough. She then added mozzarella cheese and some toppings before firing it up in the pizza oven.

After cooking it to perfection, she sliced it up, gave it a try, and declared the pizza was “so good.” 

See full video here.

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Julia Molinari Is A Jersey Girl

Molinari, who’s well known for her cooking demos, pizza-making skills, and beachy modeling photos, gave some insider information about herself while cooking up a delicious Italian meal.

“I’m from the Jersey Shore. I go to the beach with my friends every single day,” she said as she poured breadcrumbs into a pan.

“I’ve been dancing since I was 2, and I started competitive dancing when I was like 9. Actually wanted to dance in college, but I ended up at Rutgers University, which was the most financially responsible decision.” 

She explained that she was “pretty sad” about not being able to go away for college rather than stay close to home, but it all ended up working out for the best.

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“If I did go away to school then I wouldn’t have what I have now. I love what I do. My whole life growing up, I was either at the dance studio or the restaurant,” she continued. “It’s my parent’s restaurant, both work full time here every single day, so so was I.” 

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Learning To Cook In Her Parent's Restaurant

Julia Molinari
TikTok | Julia Molinari

Molinari, who grabs tons of attention with her cooking demo videos on TikTok, said she learned all about cooking from growing up at her family’s restaurant.

“I’m a third gen Italian. Very Italian American,” she said. “Just for sh–s and giggles, I made a video one time making a pizza with my dad. I did it for my friends. It didn’t blow up right away. It blew up like two weeks later.”

Molinari then went back to talking about her love of dance saying that her favorite style of dance is hip hop but she’s really good at tap dancing. She then skipped to another topic saying people often ask her why she does a lot of “quick cuts” in her videos.

“To be honest, that’s because I do have ADHD. I would get bored watching my own videos,” she shared.

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Molinari then shared that she has two brothers, a twin brother and an older brother, and they both study engineering at Rutgers. 

“I went in biology. That’s definitely changing. I’m gonna go the more marketing route,” she said as she tossed her pizza dough in the air. “Really close with my hometown friends. Our group chat name is called, ‘Chat.’”

Molinari kept rattling off facts about her and her life saying her favorite color is green and shared some of the concerts she’s been to. She also shared that she has three cats and dreams of getting a dog one day, but right now she can’t have one because her dad is allergic.

Julia Molinari Was A Guest On The 'Growing Up Italian' Podcast

A few months back, Molinari made an appearance on the “Growing Up Italian” podcast where she shared more information about herself.

“Honestly, I just love cooking anything,” she told the podcast hosts before chatting about stuffed artichokes. “I think that if you have a really good stuffed artichoke, it’s like life-changing.” 

In another clip shared on the podcast’s TikTok page, she said she’s from Central Jersey and asked the hosts if they think her videos are “Italian enough.”

“People argue that it’s Italian American, which it is,” she said. “Nothing wrong with that. I mean, I’m from Jersey, so.” 

The conversation then switched to a famous Jersey debate - pork roll or Taylor ham? Many viewers dropped into the comments to share their thoughts on the popular Jersey argument.

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“Great response on the pork roll. It is its own category,” one viewer said. Another added, “No central Jersey and it’s Taylor ham. The great NJ debates.” One other said, “It is pork roll. Forever.” 

The Jersey Girl Loves Beach Time!

When she's not making delicious Italian delicacies, Molinari can be found at the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and water. She often shares her beachy photos on her Instagram page.

In a carousel of photos shared a few weeks ago, Molinari is all smiles while hanging out on the beach in her bikini. The simply captioned post, "Need beach," received more than 145,000 likes and tons of positive comments.

In another recently shared Instagram post, Molinari can be seen enjoying the sun during her car ride to the beach. Many other posts also share a peek into her time at the Jersey Shore.

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