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Billie Eilish All Smiles In Plunging 'Prima Donna' Underwear

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By Evie Scott on July 1, 2024 at 6:00 PM EDT

Billie Eilish may tag the odd designer brand on Instagram, but her fans are dedicated enough to scour the internet for just about everything she wears. In January 2023, a feed that breaks down the 22-year-old's outfits reposted her Instagram Story, one showing her in selfie mode and smiling as she rocked a low-cut top flashing her lingerie. Quickly finding the brand behind the look, the user let everyone know that Eilish was wearing Prima Donna and there was an "I do" attached to her bra. Billie, who wore high-end lingerie brand Agent Provocateur for her 2020 Vogue cover, had kept it fairly high-end, here, choosing a bra retailing for $130.

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Billie Eilish Shows Off Prima Donna Bra

Scroll for the photo. Snapping herself close up as she wore her black hair down and styled into bangs, Billie coordinated her outfit to her locks.

The "bad guy" hitmaker, known for rarely showing her curves, flashed a little cleavage in a rare display of her figure, wearing a silky black negligee over the Twist I Do Bra Full Cup Wire Bra. Highlighting her assets as she sent out a cute smile, Billie also flaunted her famous, baby-blue eyes, melting fans with her charm and keeping her vibe low-key.

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Going gothic with multiple silver necklaces, Billie added pop to her lightweight layer of makeup via pink eyeshadow, also rocking rosy cheek blush.

Fans seemed both impressed and a little creeped out at just how fast the user had managed to pin down Billie Eilish's look. "You down bad if you can tell what bra it is by the smallest of details," one replied. Another, however, called it "creepy." A third, meanwhile, wrote: "This obsession with Billie is getting really really weird…"

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Shirtless Display In Jean Paul Gaultier

Billie turned heads in December 2023 as she offered up another cleavage display, this time on the red carpet. Attending the Academy Museum Gala at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, the Grammy winner went edgy in a pinstripe skirt suit while rocking the shirtless trend. Flaunting her bosom in what was likely a push-up bra beneath her blazer, Eilish chose designer Jean Paul Gaultier, making instant headlines for her look.

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Told Curve Show Is 'Powerful'

Sharing her outfit to Instagram, Billie wound up with over 5.9 million likes, plus a hugely popular comment supporting her fashion choice.

"I think what a lot of people don't realize is that billie was a child a few years ago. She didn't dress in revealing clothes cause she would've gotten sexualized. Now she takes control over her body in the media and it's the most powerful thing I've seen. Such a strong woman," the fan wrote. Billie Eilish has a net worth of $53 million.

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