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Gypsy Rose Blanchard's 'Chad' Video Inspires Viral Music Sensation

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 28, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT

Gypsy Rose Blanchard, 32, can't seem to stay out of the public eye. Not only has she had beef with her estranged husband, but she's also been the center of online hate from several TikTokers and other social media users.

As The Blast reported, Gypsy was released on parole in December 2023 after serving 85% of her ten-year sentence for her involvement in her mother's murder. After getting out of prison, she gained millions of followers and has gone viral on various occasions.

The most recent time Gypsy Rose Blanchard went viral was for her iconic "Chad" video, where she clapped back at another social media user. That video has now been turned into a song that "slaps."

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard: 'My Man Wouldn't Touch You With A Ten-Foot Pole'

Gypsy Rose Blanchard poses with Ken Urker
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

As The Blast reported, Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently took to her TikTok Stories to address her beef with Nina, a beauty influencer who has gone after the ex-convict ever since she was released.

"Oh honey, I am so not threatened by you," she said in the clip. "My man wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole."

"You're just mad because I have a Chad," she added. "And, last time I checked, you don't have a man. So, looks like you are the one that's panini-pressed."

"Call a spade to spade, honey," she said before winking at the camera.

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The video came after Nina accused Gypsy's boyfriend, Ken Urker, of asking her out for drinks on "multiple" occasions. "He asked if we could discuss this via phone. I gave him a Google voice number, and he said he and Gypsy are only friends, and he wants me to give them grace," Nina told The Blast. After the two chatted, he once again asked Nina out for drinks, but she said she had ignored the invitation.

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Time For The Gypsy Remix!

Social media users had a field day with Gypsy's story, as the viral dialogue has now become the latest summer jam.

The remix features club music as Gypsy's voice is dubbed into a rap, "My man wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole. My man, my man, ten-foot pole."

For the record, the remix has now become the latest TikTok sensation. One user suggested Blasting this song on a car ride.

"This is amazing!" another social media user said as another dubbed it the "anthem for the summer."

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Song Of The Summer?

From ex-convict to potential rapper -- fans may be bumping to Gypsy Rose this summer with the latest "Chad" remix. One fan already dubbed it the "song of the summer."

"This low-key slaps," another TikToker said. "I watched this way too many times," a third admitted.

A fourth asked, "Why is it fire, though?"

"BRB setting this as my alarm," one social media user said, adding a laughing face emoji.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Goes Viral

Gypsy Rose Blanchard in red blazer at An Evening With Lifetime: Conversations On Controversies FYC Event

Despite pleading guilty to the second-degree murder of her mom, Clauddine 'Dee Dee' Blanchard, Gypsy has gained millions of followers as she is believed to be a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a mental health disorder where a caregiver fabricates or induces illness in someone under their care to gain sympathy or attention.

Dee Dee convinced doctors to perform several unnecessary medical treatments and procedures on Gypsy, leading her daughter to believe she had various illnesses and disabilities. The abuse continued for years until Gypsy conspired her mother's murder with her boyfriend at the time, Nicholas Godejohn, in 2015.

Overcoming Her Past Trauma

Gypsy Rose Blanchard smiling in selfiie
Instagram | Gypsy Rose Blanchard

Not only did Dee Dee falsely claim that Gypsy had leukemia and had undergone chemotherapy treatments, she also said Gypsy had muscular dystrophy, which required the use of a wheelchair.

According to medical records shown in the 2017 docuseries "Mommy Dead & Dearest," Dee Dee took her daughter to the hospital over 100 times from 2005 to 2014. "I always had this stuffed animal or a Barbie doll, [and Dee Dee would] just tell me [to] 'play with your Barbie doll," Gypsy recalled of the "unsettling" doctor visits she went through. "And when the doctor comes to examine me, just stay in the wheelchair; be calm; play with your doll, and don't move your legs.'"

Gypsy Rose's story is told in various docuseries including "Mommy Dead & Dearest" and "Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose."

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