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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Has BEEF With A TikToker, But Why?

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on June 12, 2024 at 2:45 PM EDT

Does the Gypsy Rose Blanchard drama ever end? We think not!

The 32-year-old ex-convict has found herself in a feud with a TikToker, who continue to make videos about one another, bringing fans along for the ride.

But what is the drama all about? The Blast grabbed their magnifying glasses and notebooks and went sleuthing through TikTok, and we discovered why Gypsy Rose Blanchard has beef with a beauty influencer named Nina.

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Drama, Drama, Drama!

After doing a deep dive on TikTok, The Blast has uncovered that Gypsy currently has beef with a TikToker named Nina, a beauty influencer, per her bio.

Nina posted about her feud with Gypsy on March 12, claiming that while she was on live, talking about the ex-convict and her relationship with Ken Urker, Gypsy watched the whole thing unfold. Nina, apparently, did some investigating and found out that before Gypsy announced her split from Ryan, Ken was commenting on Gypsy's social media posts, calling her "gorgeous."

Long story short, Nina accused Gypsy of cheating on her ex-husband with Ryan Anderson, though Gypsy has repeatedly denied these allegations.

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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Messages Nina

Buckle your seats because this is FAR from over! Around the same time that Nina went live to talk about Ken and Gypsy, the ex-convict messaged the beauty influencer. While Gypsy asked Nina not to share screenshots of what the two discussed, Nina told her fans what went down in another video.

One of the things Gypsy allegedly told Nina is that she "does feel really bad for Nicholas," the man she co-conspired with to murder her mom. "She feels as if he should have his fair day in court," Gypsy said, per Nina.

The beauty influencer said there was a long conversation and many messages, so she made a series of videos diving into the situation.

Fast-forward to today, the drama is still going strong.

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Will The Feud Ever End?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard recently took to her TikTok Stories to address her beef with Nina. "Oh honey, I am so not threatened by you," she said in the clip. "My man wouldn't touch you with a ten-foot pole."

"You're just mad because I have a Chad," she added, seemingly referencing Taylor Swift's iconic "Dads, Brads and Chads" quote. "And, last time I checked, you don't have a man. So, looks like you are the one that's panini-pressed."

"Call a spade to spade, honey," she said before winking at the camera.

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Nina Claps Back At Gypsy Rose Blanchard

And just when you thought it was over... Nina posted a video in response to Gypsy's "spade to spade" TikTok Stories.

As Nina flips her blonde hair and stares into the camera, the lyrics "Imagine posting on your page for me to see and never do" play in the background. "Imagine being in a competition with a b-tch that never lose."

Social media users grabbed a glass of wine and glued their eyes to their phones as they couldn't get enough of the drama. "This is so funny. Imagine beefing with Gypsy Rose, yo," one TikToker wrote. "Girl got beef with Gypsy Rose," another said.

"If Gypsy wasn’t so 'panini pressed' she wouldn’t have made a post. She’s so bothered," a third wrote.

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Nina Accuses Gypsy Of Racist Comment

While some speculate that Gypsy's "Chad" line was a reference to Taylor Swift's quote, Nina says otherwise, claiming it was a racist comment.

Someone left a comment on Nina's video, stating, "This is reaching, in my opinion. I don't believe she was being intentionally racist by any means. A 'Chad' is exactly as you described. Nothing to do with race."

Nina replied to this comment, telling the user to "stop acting like you don't comprehend, the definition is right there, but furthermore, that's like me saying 'I have a Tyrone.'"

The Blast has reached out to both Gypsy Rose and Nina for comment.

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