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Britney Spears Bullied Over 'Weight Gain' In Braless Airport Minidress

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By Evie Scott on June 25, 2024 at 6:30 PM EDT

Britney Spears has made her first public sighting in weeks, with photos today showing her arriving at an airport in L.A. The 42-year-old singer, who has made headlines these past weeks for being in both Las Vegas and Mexico, jetted back home to Los Angeles on Tuesday, and it looks like the paparazzi was waiting for her. Putting on a figure-flaunting display in a bodycon minidress, Britney flaunted her curves as she made her way out of the airport, but the trolls were ready to pounce. When The Daily Mail published images of the "Circus" hitmaker, users were largely cruel, with many noting her "weight gain."

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Britney Spears Spotted At L.A. Airport

Scroll for all the photos. Appearing unaware of the cameras, Britney made her way toward vehicles as she rocked a sleeveless pink dress that shouted out her love of summer. Going braless as she freed the nipple, the pop sensation kept cool as she carried her white sweater, also going unfussy as she wore Birkenstock sandals.

Flashing her shapely waistline and bronzed legs, Britney shielded her face from rays with a sunhat, completing her outfit with a dark pair of aviator shades that matched her black choker necklace.

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Clutching her phone as she was photographed at multiple angles, Britney showed a slightly fuller figure than has been seen in her recent Instagram posts, and users were quick to point this out. "That’s not the same Britney Spears that I see dancing on Instagram," one user wrote.

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'No Resemblance'

"How can filters be that drastically slimming and smoothing? No resemblance at all to the half-naked Britney on Instagram," another said. Thinking that Britney has gained a fair amount of weight, a third stated: "Besides her riches and fame, she's just a regular 43-year-old woman who's put on a good 15-20 lbs." The user had here made a mistake with regards to Britney's age.

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Fans Hope 'Weight Gain' Is A 'Good Sign'

Amid the rapidly rising pile of body-shaming comments, some wondered if Britney appearing curvier might actually be a good sign.

"Hopefully the weight gain is a good sign that maybe she’s started a medication or something along those lines," they wrote. Britney Spears, whose net worth sits at $60 million, suffers from bipolar disorder. Fortunately, a much-liked reply took a step back, asking others to be mindful of what Spears has been through before commenting.

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