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Britney Spears In Bikini Wishes You A 'Wonderful Weekend'

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By Evie Scott on June 22, 2024 at 7:30 PM EDT

Britney Spears was in good spirits on Saturday, posting a fresh video to her Instagram and wishing her followers a "wonderful weekend." Showing off her killer figure in a blazer and boots to begin with, the 42-year-old hinted at her skimpy two-piece beneath, eventually opening her jacket for a giant reminder of her bombshell body. While Britney has sparked endless concern with her sporadic posts and high-profile ankle injury drama in May, she's still sending fans that giant smile and happy energy.

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Britney Spears Stuns In Weekend Bikini

Scroll for the video. Britney, who announced Vegas, London, and Italy travel plans in late May, may well have posted from Sin City, where she's already made headlines for enjoying an extended leisure break.

Striking poses from a light-floored room, Britney flashed her toned legs as she used one hand to clutch her bedazzled peach blazer together. Going oversized as she showed off a white pair of slouchy, pointed-toe boots, the pop star sizzled as she opened her jacket, showcasing a low-cut white bikini top that matched her white Daisy Dukes.

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Brushing her long blonde hair around as she wore it down, Britney flashed her fierce cleavage and trim abs while smiling, opting out of confirming her location and instead writing: "This jacket is sick … I swear it feels like silk on my body !!! Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!!!" The post earned the "Toxic" singer over 23,000 likes in under an hour. Anyone watching the video all the way through even saw Britney Spears fully removing her jacket as she flaunted her figure to the max.

June has seen Britney on the move, mentioning Mexico but also speaking of Las Vegas.

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Sheer Glitter Dress Showoff

Britney was in the same setting on May 28, when she updated her Instagram in a clingy, floor-length dress that was largely sheer. Upping the red carpet vibes in her sparkly, see-through number, the chart-topping singer wrote: "Playing chess and I believe the Queen knows the way !!! Should I honestly beat the King at this point ??? WOULD I EVER DO SUCH ???"

Earlier this year, reports surfaced that Spears was out of control with her spending, although these headlines came amid separate reports that the star had raked in a staggering $40 million in 2023 alone.

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'Far From Broke'

Shutting down suggestions that Britney is struggling to manage her finances, an ETsource stated: “While Britney flies private and enjoys vacations, she’s far from going broke,” adding: “In fact, she’s about to achieve recoupment from the ongoing successful sales from her memoir, and audiobook. Major producers are also vying for the rights to her memoir.”

Britney Spears, whose net worth is estimated at $60 million, released her The Woman in Me memoir last year, landing herself a best-seller spot pretty much instantly.

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