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Former President Jimmy Carter Dubbed An 'Outlier' After 16 Months On Hospice

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 24, 2024 at 7:15 PM EDT

Former President Jimmy Carter continues to defy expectations after surpassing 16 months under hospice care. This milestone defies medical predictions and is prompting admiration worldwide.

Jimmy Carter's resilience and spirit have made him an "outlier" in the face of health challenges, defying initial concerns when he first entered hospice care.

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Former President Jimmy Carter Shatters Expectations Of Hospice Care

Former President Jimmy Carter's Wife Rosalynn Joins Him In Hospice Care

The Former President entered hospice care in February 2023 after halting aggressive treatment for metastatic melanoma. He has surpassed expectations as he approaches his 100th birthday this October.

Despite initial prognoses, Carter has not only celebrated his 99th birthday but also faced personal tragedy with the passing of his wife, Rosalynn Carter. 

Angela Novas, senior medical officer of the Hospice Foundation of America, emphasized the widespread misunderstanding surrounding hospice care despite its benefits, stressing the importance of advanced care planning.

She also pointed out that Carter's decision to choose hospice care instead of continuing ineffective treatments has brought significant attention to the importance and benefits of hospice and palliative care. 

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Novas explained further, "By outliving his initial prognosis and by receiving hospice care for over a year now, he has done much to dispel the myth that hospice is only for people who are bedbound and actively dying."

Dr. Joan Teno, an expert in geriatric care, highlighted Carter's exceptional survival on hospice. Describing Carter as an "Outlier," she noted in an email to UPI that "only a small percentage of hospice patients survive more than 15 months." 

She attributed Carter's longevity to "excellent medical care" and his "will to live," underscoring hospice's focus on enhancing quality of life for those with a limited life expectancy.

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Expert Weighs In On The Former President's Hospice Journey

Sad News Of Jimmy Carter's 'Final Chapter' Triggering Long-Time Admirers

Despite not having direct information about Carter's condition, Teno shared her insights on his possible health trajectory. 

"I suspect that President Carter is following the disease trajectory of [metastatic melanoma, which leads to] progressive fragility, where he needs help in his everyday functions and uses a wheelchair," the doctor shared. 

Drawing from family members' comments, Teno suggested that Carter likely spends "most of his days sleeping." 

The adjunct professor at Brown University's School of Public Health also noted that hospice patients who become less alert and sleep more are nearing the end of life. 

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Jimmy Carter's First Anniversary Of Hospice Care

President Jimmy Carter's Press Conference on the "Billy Affair"

As Carter marked one year in hospice care in February, his remarkable endurance was widely praised. 

The Blast reported that Professor Douglas Brinkley, a history professor at Rice University, was among those who commended him. During his appearance on CBS News' "Face the Nation," Brinkley remarked:

"It is tough when you're 99, but Carter has a lot of will. He's alert and eating and has an ability to understand what's going on around him. I'm hoping he makes it to October 1st, 2024, so we can have Jimmy Carter at 100 years old, and we can celebrate."

The Presidential Historian expressed awe at Carter's continued focus on the world's happening even after previously overcoming cancer.

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Concluding his update, Brinkley praised Carter for his numerous achievements during his presidency and his enduring bond with the public.

Michelle Obama Sent Rosalynn Carter A 96th Birthday Tribute

Sad News Of Jimmy Carter's 'Final Chapter' Triggering Long-Time Admirers

Before the passing of Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, she joyously celebrated her 96th birthday, much to the delight of many admirers. 

Among the many tributes she received, one from fellow former First Lady Michelle Obama stood out. Per The Blast, Mrs. Obama took to Instagram that day to extend her birthday wishes. 

She posted a heartfelt message along with a photo of herself, Rosalynn Carter, and current First Lady Dr. Jill Biden. Mrs. Obama wrote:

"Wishing Rosalynn Carter a wonderful 96th birthday! You've been a source of inspiration for so many people around the world, including me. Thank you so much for your service to our country." 

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Michelle Obama's Birthday Tribute To Rosalynn Carter Resonated With Fans

Ex-President Jimmy Carter Seen On Rare Public Outing For Late Wife Rosalynn's Memorial Service

The former First Lady's heartfelt birthday message to Rosalynn touched many of her followers, who eagerly joined in the celebration. "happy birthday Mrs. Rosalynn Carter ??? we love you ?," one fan wrote alongside heart emojis.

Another follower added, "Happy Birthday! Thank you for being a classy First Lady like Michelle and Jill! Enjoy your special day!??" Acknowledging the trio's influence, someone else chimed in, "3 great ladies!! Class and intelligence."

A fourth highlighted the collective contributions of the trio, stating, "Each of you are accomplished beautiful ladies who make us proud. Thank you to each of you for your service to our nation."

A fifth gushed, "She has always been one of my heroes!"

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