Jenna Jameson's Wife Jessi Lawless Confirms Divorce Rumors

Jenna Jameson Denies Jessi Lawless Abuse Amid Divorce U-Turn

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By Afouda Bamidele on June 24, 2024 at 1:15 PM EDT
Updated on June 24, 2024 at 1:16 PM EDT

Amidst rumors circulating about the alleged abuse, Jenna Jameson has spoken out, denying any mistreatment by Jessi Lawless.

The couple, previously headed for divorce, has taken an unexpected turn with Jameson now clarifying any misconceptions.

Jenna Jameson and Jessi Lawless tied the knot in May 2023 in a Las Vegas chapel.

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Jenna Jameson And Jessi Lawless Want To Give Love Another Chance 

In a heartfelt Instagram update, Jameson revealed that she and her estranged wife are making efforts to reconcile their relationship. 

The candid video shared on Sunday showed the 50-year-old addressing her followers, saying, "Hey guys, I just wanted to pop on and address a few things. Jessi and I are trying to work through things." 

She took the opportunity to clarify that Lawless was "never abusive," emphasizing their commitment to resolving their issues. In her words:

"I wanted to be very clear about something. She was never abusive, she wasn't everything that's being portrayed right now." 

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Jameson expressed her deep affection for Lawless and her desire to shield the Alabama native from unnecessary drama. "I adore her. I don't want her to be dealing with drama. She doesn't deserve it. I love her," Jameson continued earnestly.

The former stripper concluded the video with a simple yet heartfelt message, tagging the 41-year-old directly in the caption, "@jessilawless_ I love you."

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Fans Rally Behind Jameson And Lawless 

While Jameson did not delve into details in the Instagram video, the announcement garnered overwhelming support from fans who are hopeful their love will overcome past challenges.

Lawless even responded to the video with a simple heart emoji, which followers warmly received. One fan commented, "we just want you to be happy," echoing the sentiment of a second, who added, "if you are happy then we are happy for you. Hugs and love." 

A third described the pair as "two beautiful people," while another gushed, "Yeahhhhh!!!! Cutest Couple Ever!!!!" Some followers offered advice, with one netizen writing, "Just do what's best for yourself...first, always Xo."

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Another suggested, "I know you don't want to hear this, but keep your relationship off of the internet." Jameson's post, which may have been addressing an unfounded rumor originating on Reddit, sparked a mixed reaction.

While many showed support, some highlighted inconsistencies. One user commented, "Jenna can't keep her lies straight," and another pointed out, "U were the one saying she was abusing u...."

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Jessi Lawless Sought Annulment From Jenna Jameson Over Alleged Fraudulent Marriage

In April, the former couple made headlines when Lawless announced their divorce. The Blast reported that the former barber claimed that their marriage was never legally valid due to Jameson's deceit.

Lawless's filing states that she was misled by the former adult film star before their wedding to believe false promises about financial independence and sobriety.

She asserted that Jameson assured her she was debt-free and financially stable, ready to contribute to their household. However, Lawless alleged that Jameson failed to keep that promise, revealing a $500,000 tax debt.

At the same time, the mother-of-three had vowed to stay sober during their marriage, a promise she allegedly did not keep.

Lawless Moved To Forego Spousal Support In Favor Of Quick Annulment

In her quest to annul her marriage to Jameson, Lawless demonstrated her eagerness by making no special requests in her court documents. 

The podcaster waived her right to spousal support and noted that the couple had no children, eliminating any potential custody issues.

Lawless also indicated that the division of their community property has already been handled, suggesting a desire for a smooth and swift annulment process. 

While her straightforward approach could lead to a quick resolution, it remained uncertain if Jameson would contest the annulment or agree to proceed without any claims.

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Jenna Jameson Opened Up About Weight Loss Journey 

Jenna Jameson seen leaving Club Bar and Restaurant on Warwick street in Soho

Before dealing with her recent relationship issues, Jameson had only her health to worry about. According to an August 2023 report by The Blast, the model shared an uplifting update about her health and fitness journey in a candid message via Instagram. 

Jameson wrote the message alongside a picture of herself in a purple halter-neck bikini top and pink pants. The TV personality revealed that her path to better health was simple: "just minding my health." She elaborated:

"I am back on Keto. It makes me feel the best. And I'm fasting intermittently, so the weight's falling off."

In addition to her dietary changes, Jameson proudly announced another significant milestone: "I'm also off all medication. So we love that."

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