Golfer Grace Charis In Unzipped Tank Top Asks ‘Can I Borrow A Ball’

Golfer Grace Charis In Daisy Dukes Is 'Not Golfing But Still Gorgeous'

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By Kristin Myers on June 23, 2024 at 4:30 AM EDT

Golfer Grace Charis is a popular OnlyFans model who took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic and hasn't been able to stop since.

The social media sensation is best known for golfing without a bra on while showcasing her signature swings. Although she usually wears colorful crop tops, fans can't get enough of her favorite blue romper!

Scroll to the bottom to see Grace embracing her inner cowgirl! 

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Grace Charis Turns On The Headlights While Golfing

Even though it’s pretty hot outside, it looks like Grace seemed to be a bit chilly as she walked along the golf course. She shared a video that featured her walking across the green and swinging her club, occasionally jogging toward the camera. “Golf is life,” she wrote in the caption.

“Hands up to anyone who didn’t even notice she was playing golf,” one fan commented. “I’m not new here,” another follower countered. “What does this have to do with golf?” a third fan asked. “Golf? Where?” another follower asked. There were plenty of fans who loved her golf content, with one fan writing, “What a level of golf! This is amazing!”

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Grace Charis Just Scored Her First Hole In One!

Even though she’s been playing for years, she did not get her first hole-in-one until a week ago. She shared an emotional video that featured her golfing in a white polo and brown slacks. “First hole-in-one ever!!!” she wrote in the caption, revealing that the hole-in-one took place at CCNC in Pinehurst.

“You were wearing a normal shirt. Doesn’t count,” one fan teased. “Happens when you dress like a normal golfer. Congrats,” another follower wrote. “Nice chip-in,” a third fan chimed in. “Way to go, Grace!” another follower exclaimed. “But did you buy the drinks after?” another fan asked. “About to go get some haha,” Grace replied.

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Grace Reminds Her Followers That ‘Golf Is Life’

In another Instagram post, Grace asks her fans “Feeling down?” as she poses in a pink crop top. The answer is to, of course, “Play golf.” The video shows her jogging toward the camera in her blue romper before it then changes to a montage of her golfing in a variety of colorful outfits. “Golf is life,” she wrote in the caption of this video.

“I don’t see golf but for some reason, I want to now,” one fan joked. “This reel should be my screensaver on my PC. Always looking good Grace. Have a great weekend,” another follower commented. “Feeling down? Watch Grace play golf,” a third fan chimed in. “I feel better now,” another follower shared while another fan asked, “Why even wear a top?” As expected, Grace did not reply!

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Grace Charis Is Channeling Her Inner Cowgirl!

Even though she shares a lot of golf content on her page, Grace occasionally wears other outfits and does other things. Last year, she took up surfing and archery for a while. This year, it looks like she channeled her inner cowgirl in a pair of denim shorts and a thin tank top. She paired her look with cowboy boots and a matching hat.

Grace posed for three photos and dropped an emoji wearing a cowboy hat in the caption of the post. “Not golfing but still gorgeous!” one fan commented. “You look so sweet and innocent,” another follower wrote. “Absolutely. Incredibly, beautiful. Love you, Grace,” a third fan chimed in. “Yee – and if I do say so myself – haw,” another follower teased while another fan praised her “hot bod.”

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Fans Can't Get Enough Of Grace Charis!

Interested in more Grace Charis content? Fans can't get enough of the social media sensation, golfer, and popular OnlyFans model!

In another recent Instagram post, she showed off her “sweet swing” in a purple romper and a white crop top that left little to the imagination. Fans can check out those golf videos by clicking here!

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