Grace Charis golfs in her busty crop top in Hawaii

Golfer Grace Charis In Tiny Crop Top Creates The 'Perfect Loop'

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By Kristin Myers on June 16, 2024 at 6:00 AM EDT
Updated on June 16, 2024 at 6:01 AM EDT

Model Grace Charis is a popular OnlyFans model who took up golfing during the COVID-19 pandemic and now has over three million followers on Instagram who love to watch videos of her playing golf.

Although she does occasionally show real golf footage with her fans, the social media sensation is best known for golfing braless in colorful crop tops to showcase her signature swing.

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Grace Charis In Tiny Crop Top Has A 'Sweet Swing'

While playing around with her video editing software, Grace may have inadvertently created the perfect loop. The video begins with her swinging her club and then rewinds to show her back at the start again. In the video, she is wearing a white crop top along with blue slacks and a black belt to match her black visor.

“Perfect loop?” she asked in the caption. “Yes,” one fan replied. “That sweet swing,” another follower gushed. “Perfect bounce,” a third fan chimed in. “You always have the best moves, Grace,” another follower wrote. “Everything about you is just perfect,” another fan gushed. “I like how you swing those hips, Grace,” another follower added.

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Grace Plays A Hole In Her Purple Romper

Admitting that she does not know the yardages, Grace walked her followers through a hole while playing in a purple romper. At one point in the video, her ball lands in someone else’s divot, which she describes as “criminal.” After hitting the ball uphill, Grace manages to make par at the end. “Let’s go golfing,” she wrote in the caption of this video.

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“Purple looks great on you, Grace,” one fan commented. “Easy par,” another follower wrote. “You look great and golf well in my favorite color,” a third fan chimed in. “That outfit would not be allowed on courses in the UK,” another follower shared. “It’s not technically allowed at most private clubs in the US,” another fan chimed in. “You really think the dude working the front desk at any private clubs or courses would look at her and go, ‘Sorry ma’am but, we care deeply about our reputation here, unfortunately, we will not allow you in wearing that attire?’” another follower asked, prompting a debate in the comments.

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Grace Asks ‘How’s My Form?’

In another Instagram post, Grace wore a white tank top and blue slacks as she asked, “How’s my form?” Unfortunately, judging by the comments, most of her followers were looking at her chest. In one of the shots, Grace put on quite a nippy display as she walked toward the camera, making it clear she wasn’t wearing anything underneath the thin fabric.

“Great form, darling,” one fan cooed. “Remarkable,” another follower agreed. “Stunning!” a third fan exclaimed. “Flawless,” another follower chimed in. “Always so beautiful and radiant, Grace. Seriously, you are perfect and I love you so much,” another fan gushed while other followers called her form “crisp” and “perfect.”

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Grace Made 'Pure Contact' With The Ball

Grace does not always show herself hitting a golf ball when she practices her signature swings. It has actually become somewhat of a running joke among her fans. However, Grace put that aside when making a video that showed her hitting the ball with her club. In this clip, she is wearing a white crop top along with slacks. Instead of her usual ponytail, Grace pulled her long blonde hair back into a messy bun and swapped out her pearl necklace for one that had a shark's tooth dangling from the end.

"My reaction when I make pure contact in golf," she wrote in the caption. "Sweet swing," one fan commented. "Outstanding!" another follower exclaimed. "Just when I thought I was out, she drags me back in," a third fan teased. "That's my girl," another follower wrote. "Nice view," another fan shared. "So beautiful," another follower gushed. "Amazing swing," another fan added while another follower told Grace that she was "crushing it" on the golf course.

Interested in more Grace Charis content? In another recent Instagram post, the popular OnlyFans model pulled her hair into pigtails and unbuttoned her blouse to show off her assets on the golf course! Fans can check out that video by clicking here!

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