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Gordon Ramsay Gets Badly Bruised After Major Bike Accident, Thanks Helmet For Saving His Life

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By Favour Adegoke on June 16, 2024 at 10:15 AM EDT
Updated on June 16, 2024 at 10:21 AM EDT

Gordon Ramsay is counting his blessings after a harrowing bike accident that left him with a terrible bruise.

In a recent Instagram post, Ramsay expressed gratitude for having his life intact after he experienced a "really bad" accident, although he noted that he's "in pain." Fans took to the comment section to sympathize with him.

Famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay started cycling in 2018 to "shape up" or risk losing his wife.

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Gordon Ramsay Survives Cycling Accident

Gordon Ramsay At Fox Upfront

The celebrity chef took to Instagram on Saturday to announce that he'd experienced a horrifying bicycle accident, sharing that his helmet was the only thing that stood between him and potential tragedy as he credited it with saving his life.

Noting that the accident happened earlier this week while he was out in Connecticut, he acknowledged his love for cycling before stating that the incident "really shook me" and that he had started receiving medical attention.

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Photo of Gordon Ramsay with a terrible bruise.
Instagram | Gordon Ramsay
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"Honestly, I'm lucky to be here," he went further in his address, raising his chef jacket to reveal his heavily bruised ribs that appeared purple, before adding that he was "in pain" and it'd "been a brutal week."

"And I'm sort of getting through it. But I cannot tell you the importance of wearing a helmet," Ramsay continued.

The chef explained that though he did not "break any bones or suffer any major injuries," he was "a bit bruised up, looking like a purple potato."

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Gordon Ramsay Preaches Safety Consciousness

Gordon Ramsay wearing a helmet with his bicycle.
Instagram | Gordon Ramsay

The terrifying ordeal left the "MasterChef" star with a newfound appreciation for life and a stern warning for cyclists everywhere.

In his video address, Ramsay went further to share that he was "thankful" he'd been wearing a helmet at the time, noting that it "saved my life."

He then pointed out the need to be safety conscious while cycling, noting, "I don't care how short the journey is. I don't care, you know, the fact that these helmets cost money … they're crucial. Even with the kids, a short journey, they've got to wear a helmet."

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Gordon Ramsay's torn-up cycling gear
Instagram | Gordon Ramsay

In the second slide of his Instagram Post, he shared before-and-after pictures of the accident to help him convey why it is important for cyclists to wear helmets.

In the former, Ramsay can be seen in a yellow and black cycling jersey, with a green helmet on and yellow shades, as he poses alongside a green bike.

After the accident, his cycling jersey was visibly ripped up, and his helmet was broken and damaged in the front.

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Gordon Ramsay's Daughter, Fans Send Him Supportive Messages After The Accident

Gordon Ramsay

Several fans commented on Ramsay's post to sympathize with him and wish him a speedy recovery.

"I feel so sorry for you," a fan wrote with a sad face emoji, while another added, "Prayers for a speedy recovery."

One fan said, "I did NOT expect that. Sheesh, that bruise is wild."

Another fan wrote," Wishing you a speedy recovery. Great advice for all cyclists."

Ramsay's warning seemingly registered with a fan who said, "saw your comment before finishing video & thought it was going to be on his head rather than resembling a bloody great shark encounter from the swimming leg. Might just have been inspired 2 finally get a helmet & train for the triathlon regardless [though]. Gordon, [Get well soon]."

A concerned fan wrote, "Damn!!!! Please take care, Gordon.... The world is better with you in it... Was that a bicycle or a motorcycle? Glad [you're] ok... please take care...."

"Damn, Chef, you're incredible for still showing up and doing what needs to be done after something like this! I wish you a full and speedy recovery!" another added.

Ramsay's daughter, Holly, also showed support for her dad by commenting, "Love you so much xx."

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Gordon Ramsay Started Cycling To Save His Marriage

GQ Men of the Year Awards - Inside Arrivals

According to the Daily Mail, the culinary expert revealed that he picked up cycling as a hobby in 2018 after fears that his weight would cause him to lose his marriage.

At the time, he noted that he'd gained weight and was forced to "shape up" as he feared that his wife would become fed up with him.

"Tana was not impressed with the way I was," Ramsay said at the time. "I was overweight, 18 stone. I looked like a sack of s---. I look at the pictures and think, 'How did Tana stay around?' Because Tana has got better looks and is more gorgeous. And there she is, getting in bed with a fat f-ck."

He recounted how he'd been tasting and snacking on whatever came to his hand before Tana complained he was getting fat, which made him consider a 180-degree turn.

"It was painful. I used to look at myself in the mirror and think, 'Holy sh-t!' So it was a big wake-up call," he added.

After much ado, he was able to connect with Will Usher, a former Army captain and member of the Royal Protection Squad who is a champion triathlete and coach.

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The Chef Has An Intense Workout Routine That Involves Cycling

Gordon Ramsay GQ Men of the Year Awards

Ramsay's coach, Usher, put him on a stiff workout regimen involving long-distance swimming, rowing, core strength work, three-hour-long workouts on a gym bike every week, and an endurance Sunday race over the Surrey hills.

Another reason he gave for cycling was because he didn't want to die early as his father did, who died from a heart attack at 53.

"That's only a couple of years' time," Ramsay, now 57-year-old, stated. "I've got this reminder to get fit, it's scary. I get the fear on a daily basis. I may have not got on with him, but I still miss him. I miss everything I could have had from him if he was still alive in his 70s."

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