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From Beef Wellington To Hell's Kitchen: Teen Chef Meets Gordon Ramsay

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By Melanie VanDerveer on May 28, 2024 at 8:15 AM EDT

Viral cooking sensation William Mwungeri not only grabbed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s attention online but also had the opportunity to meet him in person.

The 14-year-old self-taught chef from Phoenix, Arizona, shared a photo of his time with Ramsay on his social media pages.

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William Mwungeri Wowed Gordon Ramsay With His Cooking Demo TikTok!

Cooking with William
TikTok | Cooking with William

As previously reported by The Blast, Mwungeri was invited to meet Ramsay after the celebrity chef took notice of his beef Wellington cooking demo on social media. 

As Ramsay watched Mwungeri’s video, he shared his thoughts on his recipe and how he handled the dish overall in a stitched video.

“You are handling this recipe with such confidence,” Ramsay said. Then, after watching the young chef searing the beef, chopping mushrooms, shallots, and thyme, and making spinach crepes, Ramsay said, “Dude, this is looking very good. Seriously, I wasn’t cooking like this at 12.”

Then Ramsay shared a special invitation for Mwungeri.

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William Visited Hell's Kitchen To Meet Gordon Ramsay!

Cooking with William
Instagram | Cooking with William

“In fact, young man, do you know what? This is looking good,” he said. “I would like to invite you to Hell’s Kitchen as my guest. Check your DMs. Well done.” 

And now, just a few months later, Mwungeri got the opportunity to meet Ramsay in person at Hell’s Kitchen. 

Ramsay dropped into the comments of Mwungeri’s Instagram post to say, “So good to have you on Hell's Kitchen @cooking_withwilliam congrats on everything.” 

Many other fans of the young chef also shared their positive thoughts in the comment section.

“The greatest chef in the world and Gordon Ramsay,” one person wrote. Another added, “This is absolutely amazing! An aspiring young chef with an astonishing chef! Congratulations!! Your future is very bright. I hope to be fortunate enough to eat at one of your restaurants someday!”

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William Mwungeri's Beef Wellington Also Impressed Viewers!

Mwungeri's beef Wellington TikTok video received 16 million views and tons of positive comments. Ramsay's stitched video with his reactions also went viral with more than 29.7 million views.

"This the best one I’ve seen," one viewer shared in the comment section of Mwungeri's original video. Another person said, "You have a talent young man... keep it up and make your family proud."

Over on Ramsay's stitched video, the theme in the comment section was similar.

"Absolutely amazing child prodigy for Gordon! Good call Mr. Ramsey!" one person wrote. Another added, "Train him, Gordon; the force is strong in this one."

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William Mwungeri Is A Self-Taught Chef

Mwungeri's brother, Rene Moise Kwibuka, exclusively spoke with The Blast in April about his brother's impressive cooking talent.

The family realized that he had this amazing cooking talent when he was trying out different dishes and they all turned out great. One of the family's favorite dishes is kebabs, and Mwungeri demonstrated how he makes them in a TikTok video that grabbed tons of attention with more than 7 million views.

"This young man can cook great," one viewer shared in the comment section. Another added, "Your dishes look so amazing and I pray the entire world will be able to taste your food."

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Another viral cooking demo that Mwungeri shared on TikTok is his lasagna recipe. This video also went viral with more than 4.6 million views and thousands of positive comments. The young chef definitely wowed viewers!

"A thing of beauty! I am so impressed!" one person shared in the comments. Another said, "I’m so proud of him and I don’t even know him."

William Mwungeri Hopes To Do Some Collabs In The Future

While the young chef loves sharing his cooking demo videos on social media, he's also interested in doing some fun collaborations with other popular TikTokers. One person Mwungeri said he would love to collaborate with is insanely popular TikTok content creator, Khaby Lame.

Mwungeri shared a video to grab Lame's attention and he did just that. The video demonstrates how to make the perfect chicken finger, and Lame commented on it on Instagram with a simple checkmark.

When asked what type of video he would love to do with Lame, Mwungeri told The Blast that he would like to make a video, "where me and him react to a complicated cooking hack and then do it the right way."

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The 14-year-old chef recently caught the attention of popular YouTuber, Nigel Ng, also know as "Uncle Roger." The two ended up doing a collab on an egg-fried rice video.

"So Uncle Roger, what do you think?" Mwungeri asked. Uncle Roger replied, "Uncle Roger thinking not bad. Good job, nephew William. Uncle Roger would saute garlic and use leftover rice and maybe bigger pan."

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