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Bam Margera Ties The Knot With Model Dannii Marie On New Mexico Film Set

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By Favour Adegoke on May 29, 2024 at 8:15 AM EDT

Bam Margera tied the knot with his model partner, Dannii Marie. Margera and Marie got married on Tuesday in New Mexico, where they're filming a new movie.

The "Jack-ss" alum revealed they'd been planning the ceremony "for a while" as they shared their toast. His marriage to Marie comes after his ex-wife, Nikki Boyd, filed for a legal separation in February last year.

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Bam Margera Is Married Again

Margera married Marie yesterday at the Val Verde Historic Hotel in Socorro County, New Mexico, where he is filming the movie "Collecting Souls."

The skateboarder took to his Instagram account to confirm the news of his nuptials.

"To all of our friends and family. We've been planning this for a while with the Jim Burlson out here in Socorro, New Mexico, at this rad historical hotel. Danielle Marie MARGERA, it's official," he wrote.

"To all family and friends, there will be a November wedding in Pennsylvania for everyone with a @yelawolf performance!" Margera added.

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The new bride, looking chic in a white lace halter top dress with large silver earrings, noted in a clip seen on Margera's IG stories that it had "been a crazy ride," adding that she would marry him "yesterday, and I would marry you again tomorrow."

In his vow, Margera said that Marie made him quit drinking and inspired him to get back to skateboarding, adding, "I cannot thank you enough."

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Fans Are Skeptical About Bam Margera's Marriage

Some fans took to X to congratulate the newlyweds and share their joy. However, many others ripped into the stunt performer, especially because of his previous marriages.

"Congratulations to them... I hope this works out. We all, regardless of what may have happened in the past, deserve to be happy," a fan wrote.

"I heard he finally got into a treatment program that worked. One day at a time, brother. Stay healthy and happy. Congratulations," another penned.

Some of the stuntman's followers were not as enthusiastic about the newlyweds.

"She's looking for that soon-to-come widow inheritance," a fan chimed, while another said if Margera has "got any money left, he's ready to give the rest away."

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A third person advised Margera to get a "good conservator because, in his condition, she's gonna take every penny."

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Dannii Marie Is Instrumental In Bam Margera's Sobriety

Fans' skepticism may be unfounded as Marie's influence in Margera's life is well documented. In his vows, he credited her for helping him get rid of "all the d--kheads and goons and made me stop drinking."

According to Page Six, Marie previously shared how she was able to keep him sober and healthy after he was ordered to wear an alcohol-detecting monitor last August.

"He went through [detox] and I didn't go anywhere. We stayed in this beautiful crystal-infested pool house where we just healed, all of us, and we shut the phones off," Marie recalled.

She went on, "I changed his number and we just X'd the bad people, and here we are."

Bam Margera's Last Marriage Ended Amid His Troubles With Addiction

Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd at Last Stand Premiere

His marriage to Marie comes after the troubled performer's marital union with Nikki Boyd ended last year after she filed for a legal separation in February 2023, per People. The exes had been married since October 2013 and share a son, Phoenix.

In her filing, Boyd cited "irreconcilable differences" as the cause of their separation, adding that they broke up on Sept. 14, 2021.

She also requested legal and physical custody of their son but filed for Margera to have visitation rights as long as it's in the Los Angeles County region. She also requested spousal support and wanted him to pay her attorney's fee.

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Nikki Boyd Emphaszied Bam Margera's Struggle With 'Drug And Alcohol Abuse'

Bam Margera

In a statement by her attorney, Boyd highlighted the former "Jack-ss" star's addiction struggles as a cause for their split.

"Nikki Margera felt compelled to file for legal separation from her husband, Bam Margera, due to his continuing drug and alcohol abuse, erratic behavior, and due to his failure to provide support for her and their son," Boyd's attorney, David Glass, said in a statement at the time.

The statement continued, "Nikki has put everything she has into trying to get Bam to stay sober and to trying to preserve her family."

The ex-couple were locked in a nasty custody battle for Phoenix, with Margera accusing Boyd of preventing him from seeing the toddler, but she argued she was following custody orders and that it wasn't her fault he lived "3,000 miles away."

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