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Joey King Hit With $500,000 Lawsuit Over Alleged Car Crash Causing 'Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery'

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By Afouda Bamidele on May 21, 2024 at 4:15 PM EDT
Updated on May 21, 2024 at 4:28 PM EDT

Actress Joey King is facing legal problems for allegedly instigating a car crash with her poor driving skills.

The aggrieved plaintiff slammed the "Kissing Booth" star in court documents obtained by The Blast. In the documents, the plaintiff is pushing for $500,000 following King's loss in an arbitration case that found her 80% liable for the 2020 car crash.

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Joey King Allegedly Entered A Written Agreement With The Victim

Joey King at the 49th Annual AFI Life Achievement Award Honoring Nicole Kidman

In his latest petition, Parviz Mohammady implored the Court to confirm an award of $500,000 in an arbitration conducted according to an agreement between the parties.

Arbitration is a contract-based form of binding dispute resolution, which the victim claims he and King agreed to on June 30, 2020. Their case was seen by arbitrator Sibyl Lipinski, who found Mohammady 20% liable for the accident on February 13, 2020.

Meanwhile, King had to bear the brunt of the car crash, with Lipinski finding her 80% liable for the incident.

"Based on the evidence provided, the Applicant driver was the proximate cause of the loss for failing to maintain proper lookout and improper turn," the arbitrator noted regarding the actress's actions.

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As for Mohammady's 20% liability in the incident, Lipinski added: "The Respondent driver contributed to the collision by failing to maintain proper lookout." Since most of the responsibility fell on King, the arbitrator ordered her to cough up $500,000 in compensation.

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The Plaintiff Wants The Court To Enforce The $500,000 Award

Mohammady stressed in the documents that King lost the arbitration case fairly and should pay the resulting fine. He implored the Court to confirm the $500,000 award and enter judgment according to it in the parties' ongoing case.

That wasn't all; the plaintiff also wants King to pay the accumulated interests from June 30, 2020, at the standard statutory rate and pay for his lawsuit according to proof.

Mohammady argued his case in a separate filing, sharing a statement about his unfortunate encounter with the actress.

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"This case arises from a motor vehicle crash which took place on February 13, 2020, in Sherman Oaks, California. Defendant Joey Lynn King was making a left turn from the parking lane and crashed into Plaintiff Parviz Mohammady, who was traveling in his lane," the statement claimed, adding:

"Defendant lost at subrogation arbitration for liability for failing to maintain a proper lookout and an improper turn while driving. Defendant admits liability but contends the extent of the injuries sustained by Plaintiff."

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The Plaintiff Claims He Suffered Severe Injuries From The Accident

As noted in Mohammady's statement, King was fighting against the severity of his injuries from the accident. The victim claimed the crash caused "significant orthopedic injuries," resulting in "over four years of medical treatments."

Part of Mohammady's treatment allegedly included "total shoulder replacement surgery," claims King didn't seem to believe. While it remains to be seen if she will contend the $500,000 arbitration award, the actress's team has pushed for a continuance of the trial.

According to legal documents, King's attorney noted she will be unavailable from the second week of July until the end of July due to her work as an actress.

The lawyer stated she is involved in undisclosed projects that will take her out of Los Angeles at the scheduled trial date.

King's team claimed they contacted Mohammady's corner to discuss a joint stipulation to continue the current trial date; however, the latter refused to cooperate. 

Hence, their decision to implore the Court to move the scheduled trial date, which would give the actress a chance at a fair hearing.

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The Actress Got Engaged Two Years After The Alleged Accident

Her legal drama with Mohammady didn't stop King from moving forward with her life, as The Blast reported she got engaged in 2022. She announced the big news on Instagram, revealing her longtime beau, Steven Piet, had popped the big question in February.

King shared multiple images from the big day, with the first capturing the lovebirds kissing outdoors. Next, she shared a close-up picture of the stunning oval-shaped diamond on her ring finger.

The excited actress shared more shots of the newly engaged couple, including a snap of them staring lovingly into each other's eyes while seated on the ground. The final pic detailed more PDA with Piet carrying King in his arms while she wrapped her arm around his neck.

Joey King Raved About Her Blossoming Relationship

If her joy wasn't evident in the pictures, King doubled down on her happiness in the post's caption. She raved about her blossoming relationship in a lengthy message that began:

"I never knew happiness could be so powerful that it can take the air from your lungs, overwhelming every part of you that you can't help but feel your eyes well from the undeniable joy."

King continued, "I never knew that a person's presence and heart could feel like a real home. I never knew love could be so unquestionably beautiful. I never knew until you."

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"The date was 2/2/22 when you asked me to marry you and made me the luckiest lady alive. I love you more than an Instagram caption could ever do justice. Hanging out with you forever sounds like a real dream, so let's do it," she concluded the heartwarming message.

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