Natalie Maines Ordered to Pay Up Another $150k to Estranged Hubby Adrian Pasdar

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By TheBlast Staff on June 24, 2019 at 1:52 PM EDT


Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Paines has been ordered to cut another check to her estranged husband, Adrian Pasdar, in their ongoing divorce battle.

Pasdar and Maines were in court on Monday where a judge ordered Maines to pay Pasdar $150,000 for legal fees. Pasdar had been seeking $350,000 in legal fees, and he was awarded $200,000 back in April, so it seems he's now gotten everything he wanted.

Pasdar has also been after $40,076 a month in spousal and $16,427 in child support, for a total of $60,503 a month. He is also asking for $361,494 in retroactive child support.

No ruling on support has been made.

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Pasdar has claimed Maines has a net worth of $50 million with $2.6 million in liquid assets and property valued at $4.5 million. Pasdar believes she will make millions more this year when she goes on tour with her solo album.

He says Maines is extremely wealthy, allegedly making around $2 million a year and $172,000 a month.

The Dixie Chicks singer filed her own financial documents, saying she currently has $4,476,258 in real and personal property, $121,205 in stocks/bonds and $1,943,452 in cash and checking accounts for a grand total of $6,540,915.

Maines lists her current average monthly income as zero, saying she did not tour last year and "is not touring in 2019." She says her income has been substantially reduced while not on tour.

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In the documents, Natalie Maines lists her monthly expenses, including $23k on her mortgage, $3k on repairs, $3,249 for groceries/eating out, $2,291 on entertainment, $694 on clothes, $416 on charity... and a grand total of monthly expenses at $49,767.

The singer says her company, Bossytoe Tours, Inc., ended 2018 with a loss of $136k.

Maines filed for divorce from Pasdar in 2017 following 17 years of marriage. They share two kids.

The divorce had been dragging on for some time, until recently, when things heated up. Pasdar has been demanding tens of thousands in support per month and Maines has been fighting him.

The case is still ongoing.

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