Andreea Dragoi poses for the camera while standing in the swimming pool.

World's Sexiest Swimmer Andreea Dragoi Stretches In Her Tiny Black Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on April 17, 2024 at 3:30 PM EDT

Andreea Dragoi, the sensational swimmer from San Jose State University, has once again set pulses racing with her Instagram update.

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Andreea Dragoi Is Making Hearts Flutter At The Beach

The 21-year-old Romanian athlete, known for her incredible prowess in the water, took to her Instagram Stories to share a scorching snapshot that left fans in awe.

Dragoi, donning a sleek black bikini, showcased her impeccably toned physique during a beach outing that exuded both elegance and allure.

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Bombshell In A Black Bikini

Andreea Dragoi stretches in her black bikini.
Instagram Stories | Andreea Dragoi

In the captivating image, Dragoi is seen standing barefoot on the sandy shore, her bronzed skin glistening under the warm sunlight. Her blonde locks cascade down her shoulders, gently tousled by the soft sea breeze, as she strikes a pose that exudes confidence and grace.

The tiny black bikini accentuates her athletic figure, highlighting her sculpted abs and toned limbs with undeniable allure.

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An Internet Sensation

Dragoi has been creating a splash, not just within the confines of the pool but also in the realm of online fame.

Dubbed the "World's Sexiest Swimmer" and likened to the "Olivia Dunne of the Pool," she has garnered the admiration of fans and internet enthusiasts alike.

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The Hottest Lifeguard On Duty

Dragoi emerged as a prominent college influencer back in 2022, although her impact remained relatively subdued until the previous year.

However, as she transitioned into her junior year, Dragoi made a bold decision to spend her summer working as a lifeguard in Florida. Her stint earned her the reputation of being the most sizzling lifeguard on the scene. To announce her exciting new role, she crafted a TikTok video that ignited a flurry of excitement among her fans.

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Possessing Both Beauty And Talent

While Dragoi's social media following may currently trail behind that of Dunne's, her potential for substantial growth remains undeniable.

Armed with a triple major in kinesiology, sports management, and psychology, the influencer possesses the essential qualities needed to leave a significant mark on social media.

What distinguishes Dragoi is not only her exceptional swimming abilities but also her remarkable output of Instagram content. With a background in beauty pageantry, she currently holds the title of Miss California U.S. Nation.

Furthermore, her swimming accomplishments are anticipated to continue making waves, particularly during the winter months, when tabloids are on the lookout for compelling stories.

Another Day, Another Bikini

With each post, Dragoi continues to captivate her audience with her unparalleled beauty and effortless charm. As the embodiment of strength and sensuality, she effortlessly proves why she holds the title of the world's sexiest swimmer.

In a previous report by The Blast, Dragoi left fans awestruck as she donned a teal bikini. Completing her poolside ensemble, she paired it with black and white Nike sneakers.

The accompanying video captured Dragoi strolling on the porch of a Miami building against a backdrop of breathtaking scenery adorned with lush greenery. Despite the captivating surroundings, the swimmer effortlessly commanded attention in her bikini ensemble.

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