Andreea Dragoi takes a selfie.

World's Sexiest Swimmer Andreea Dragoi Flaunts Her Incredible Body In A Tiny Bikini

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By Alisan Duran on April 12, 2024 at 12:30 PM EDT

Andreea Dragoi treated her social media followers to a visual delight as she showcased her stunning figure in a bikini!

The Romanian beauty, a college swimmer at San Jose State University, exuded confidence and allure in her Instagram post, where she shared a series of captivating photos taken during a beach outing.

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Andreea Dragoi's Animal-Print Bikini

Dressed to impress, the 21-year-old radiated confidence in a strappy bikini that accentuated her enviable curves. The black swimsuit, adorned with vibrant animal prints, contrasted beautifully against her sun-kissed complexion. Sporting a daring look, she flaunted her figure in a tiny top featuring a plunging neckline that left little to the imagination, revealing a tantalizing amount of d├ęcolletage.

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The snug fit of the bikini top accentuated her ample assets, enhancing her cleavage with undeniable allure. However, the petite triangle cups proved insufficient to fully cover her bust, teasing a glimpse of sideboob. The halter-style straps draped delicately over her neck, while an additional set of ties wrapped snugly around her midsection, further accentuating her slender frame with effortless elegance.

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Andreea Dragoi Is Showing Legs For Days

Completing her ensemble, Dragoi paired the daring bikini top with matching bottoms that were equally as daring. The swimwear featured a high-cut design, showcasing the model's toned legs nearly in their entirety, while a waistband sat low on her hips, accentuating her trim waist and taut tummy with a touch of allure.

Embracing a minimalist approach, Dragoi chose to forego accessories, allowing her stunning bikini body to take center stage. She wore her blonde locks down, styled in soft waves cascading over her shoulders, adding a touch of effortless elegance to her beach-ready look.

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Lounging On The Sand

In the first photo, Dragoi was captured sitting directly on the sandy shoreline, her knees slightly bent as she elegantly crossed her left leg under the other. Leaning with poise, she supported her body with one hand, exuding effortless grace amidst the beach's serene backdrop.

Transitioning to the second slide, the Romanian beauty was depicted lounging on a sun bed, her gaze fixed straight into the lens with a sultry allure that captivated the viewer's attention.

The enticing snapshots were taken in the vibrant setting of Miami Beach, Florida, as indicated by the geotag accompanying the post.

In the caption, Dragoi revealed that the captivating images were part of a "Calendar shoot," hinting at more tantalizing content to come.

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'Prettiest Woman On Instagram'

Dragoi's post ignited a wave of excitement among her followers, amassing an abundance of likes and sparking a flurry of gushing messages in the comments section.

"Prettiest woman on Instagram," declared one admirer, capturing the sentiment of many, who were captivated by Dragoi's stunning beauty.

Another supporter marveled at the perfect destination, expressing admiration for the picturesque landscape of sunlit shores and azure waters that provided an ideal backdrop for Dragoi's elegant photoshoot.

Blowing Instagram Away

"Holy crap Andreea! That is just FIRE!" exclaimed a third commenter, conveying their awe at Dragoi's irresistible allure.

"You are absolutely gorgeous," noted another user, echoing the sentiments of countless admirers, who were mesmerized by Dragoi's radiant presence.

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