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Michael Strahan's Daughter's Third Brain Surgery Delays Chemo

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 12, 2024 at 6:45 PM EDT

Michael Strahan's daughter Isabella recently faced a heartbreaking setback in her chemotherapy treatments.

The 19-year-old addressed the hiccup in her YouTube vlog, where she documents moments from her battle with brain tumor. In the latest installment of her health series, Isabella opened up about her trip to the hospital and how this affected her chemotherapy progress.

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Michael Strahan's Daughter Underwent A Third Brain Surgery

In the video, the teenager revealed she recently returned to the hospital following a high fever. The illness forced her to get multiple scans and an IV — a procedure that left Isabella in tears.

The former NFL star's daughter explained that she had not received an IV treatment in a long time, hence her emotional response to the procedure. That wasn't all; Isabella noted that she also underwent another painful treatment.

The young internet personality claimed she had a needle stuck in three spots to drain fluid and was awake during the procedure.

Additionally, she underwent another craniotomy just one month after the second operation, which left her with an immense amount of pain. Reflecting on the painful treatments, Isabella confessed:

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"Not gonna lie, I've been crying a lot. I'm in a lot of pain. It's not as bad as last time… my face isn't as puffy, but it literally hurts to do anything."

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Isabella's Chemotherapy Has Been Delayed

Michael's daughter noted that because of the pain, she struggled to eat for days; however, she was eventually discharged after a week. Unfortunately, it was too soon to celebrate, as Isabella returned to the hospital days later due to shortness of breath.

The 19-year-old explained that she initially felt better after the treatments, but her joy became a bitter taste when she discovered the procedures came at a cost.

She revealed that her next round of chemotherapy, which is supposed to be her second to last round, had been delayed for a month. Isabella lamented:

"I was just bawling my eyes out because it's just so disappointing when you're like, 'Yes! I can finish by May!' And then everything changes because of a stupid head infection."

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She first shared her Medulloblastoma diagnosis while appearing on "Good Morning America" with her father. Michael shares Isabella and her twin sister, Sophia, with his ex, Jean Muggli.

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The Proud Father Declared His Support Amid Daughter's Brain Tumor Diagnosis

Following the revelation of Isabella's brain tumor diagnosis, Michael publicly shared his support for his daughter amid her health battle. He addressed their joint appearance on "GMA" with three pictures from the interview alongside an emotional caption.

"Today my daughter @IsabellaStrahan joined @RobinRoberts and myself for an interview about the journey she has been going through on @GMA," Michael penned in the Instagram post, adding:

"I love you, Isabella, and I'm always by your side. To all sending love, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!"

Although the pair broke the news on TV, the teen was initially diagnosed with the condition in October 2023. Isabella also underwent emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai on October 27, just one day before turning 19.

Fans Positively Reacted To Michael's Touching Show Of Support

Scene as New Yorkers watch President Trump depart the White House for the last time on Jumbotron as snow falls near GMA Studios in Times Square

The former NFL star's post received numerous supportive messages from his fans, who praised the father and daughter for their bravery. One Instagram user penned:

"Well, I don't think there was a dry eye in the country. Thanks to you and your brave daughter for sharing this story and displaying your beautiful relationship. All good wishes to her and your family."

"My family has definitely been praying for you. We knew it was something major for you not to be on any of your many jobs for a while. Happy to see your daughter doing well," a second supporter wrote, while a third shared:

"Michael, we know you through The Bahamas, and our daughters are friends. We have been supporting you all from afar and sending love."

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Michael Strahan Proudly Celebrated Isabella's Runway Debut

A year before Isabella's brain tumor diagnosis, she received heartfelt praises from her father following her runway debut at the 2022 Sherri Hill fashion show in New York City.

At the time, Michael shared a video montage of his daughter's runway appearance, from the behind-the-scenes details to her strutting down the stage in some of the fashion brand's finest attires.

Naturally, some moments captured Michael right by his daughter's side, beaming with pride as he posed backstage and in the audience. He also echoed his joy in the post's caption, writing:

"Very proud of you, @isabellastrahan, for crushing your first runway this weekend for @sherrihill!!!! As a parent, there is nothing like watching your child succeed at what they love with a smile on their face!"

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