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Michael Strahan Declares 'I’m Always By Your Side' Amid Daughter's Brain Tumor Revelation

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 11, 2024 at 10:09 AM EST
Updated on January 11, 2024 at 10:23 AM EST

Michael Strahan has reaffirmed his commitment to stick by his daughter's side as she fights against brain cancer. The solid declaration came when the father-daughter duo appeared on "Good Morning America" to publicly disclose her condition after discovering it last year.

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Fans Send Their Love To Michael Strahan And His Daughter Amid Brain Tumor Discovery

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Isabella Strahan is receiving treatment following a diagnosis of medulloblastoma — a prevalent malignant tumor originating in the cerebellum, situated at the base of the skull.

She became aware of her condition in late October 2023 and underwent emergency surgery at Cedars-Sinai on October 27, just one day before turning 19. Despite learning of the diagnosis that far back, the college student and her famous father opted to break the news recently. 

To achieve that, the pair joined GMA host Robin Roberts for a health segment on the long-running chat show on Thursday, January 11. Michael pointed his fans in the direction of that section through posts shared on social media.

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Taking to Instagram, the father of four uploaded three images that featured him, his baby girl, and Robin during the show. While the first picture showed the trio smiling on set, the second was a close-up view of Michael and Isabella still maintaining their smiles and holding hands on the couch.

The real tear-jerker was the third slide, which was a zoomed-in shot of the 52-year-old and his daughter holding hands.  

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"Today my daughter @IsabellaStrahan joined @RobinRoberts and myself for an interview about the journey she has been going through on @GMA. I love you Isabella and I'm always by your side. To all sending love, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!," he wrote.

Words of encouragement swiftly began pouring in from his fans, with one commenting, "Well, I don't think there was a dry eye in the country. Thanks to you and your brave daughter for sharing this story and displaying your beautiful relationship. All good wishes to her and your family."

"My family has definitely been praying for you. We knew it was something major for you not to be on any of your many jobs for a while. Happy to see your daughter doing well," a second commenter penned, as a third added:

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"Michael, we know you through The Bahamas and our daughters are friends. We have been supporting you all from afar and sending love."

Even journalist Katie Couric stepped into the comments to confess, "Sending love and prayers to you both. And to the doctors and medical professionals at your side."

Michael Previously Highlighted One Of Isabella's Milestones

Before having to support his daughter during her health battle, Michael had a celebration in their family. As reported by The Blast, the GMA co-host beamed with pride when Isabella and her twin sister, Sophia Strahan, graduated from high school in June 2023.

In a post shared to Instagram, the former National Football League star proudly announced that Isabella was making her way to the University of Southern California using a photo of the then-18-year-old in her high-school graduation attire.

The teen smiled while slightly leaning towards a cake adorned with the private research university's well-known colors, logo, and acronym. "FIGHT ON, @isabellastrahan! #ProudDad #USC," the Super Bowl champion stated in the caption. 

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Unsurprisingly, the post received a slew of positive responses from Michael's fans, with one fan effusing, "Whoohoo. She looks beautiful! Congratulations, and best wishes for your studies! ?."

Another individual commented, "Congratulations. She's smart and beautiful. Proud dad, indeed." A third person concurred, writing, "I know [you're] proud of her!! Congratulations to her, [I] hope you guys had a wonderful celebration!! Much love Micheal!!"

Someone else offered advice to Isabella, writing, "Enjoy college life and all that comes with it," emphasizing that those years "will fly by."

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