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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Fans Worried With Update Of His Blackout Tattoo

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By Afouda Bamidele on April 1, 2024 at 4:30 PM EDT

Machine Gun Kelly fans are concerned about the multi-talented superstar. 

They expressed their worries after the rapper posted a behind-the-scenes video highlighting the process of getting his latest body ink, which completely blacked out his upper chest and belly button and extended to cover most of his arms.

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Machine Gun Kelly Took Fans Behind The Scenes Of His New Body Ink

Machine Gun Kelly at Clive Davis Annual Pre-Grammy Party

On Monday, MGK, as fans fondly call him, took to social media to share a clip of his newest tattoo, one month after he went under the needle to get it.

He began the reel with a shirtless appearance to highlight his Cleveland-themed tattoos before the process for his new tattoo began. 

He explained, "Today marks the day that I start the physical change of my body. We'll see what this turns out to be," before he updated viewers after "one session in."

Viewers are treated to multiple shots of the tattoo artist, Roxx, working on MGK's blackout drawing before he reappears on-screen to say:

"we've done about seven sessions. It's been about two weeks since we started. This is the most painful s— I've ever experienced in my life."

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Even though the process did not go smoothly as the Grammy nominee's "elbow swelled up" at some point, he carried on with his inking and even used his "hyperbolic oxygen chamber" to speed up the healing process. 

"So…what else should I get now," MGK asked his 8.9 million followers in the accompanying caption.

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Social Media Users Are Displeased With MGK's Tattoo

That question, however, went unanswered as his fans were more preoccupied with the life event that led him to get a blackout tattoo in the first place. Taking to the comments of the Instagram post, this person asked:

"Why is he doing this? I don't understand why the blackout. I think it looks so bad. He looks so good with his normal tattoos, but can someone explain to me why the blackout?" 

A second person shared, "I was hoping that this video would reveal the blackout was an elaborate April Fool's prank. NOPE!," as a third expressed, "I hope that you're healing from whatever you're going through that made you decide to get this."

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"You're doing too much, mgk. I know breakups are tough. But come on, man get a grip. And move on in a healthy way," a fourth Instagram user commented, and a fifth added:

"To answer your question, a new mate - someone to walk your path with you. you deserve love and friendship."

Yet another individual wondered, "I know it's painful & it means a lot but those tats…those representations…What made you who you are?"

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Is MGK's Tattoo A Sign Of His Spiritual Awakening?

In case you missed it, MGK unveiled the blackout drawing on February 20 in an Instagram post that has now accrued over 783k likes. 

Just like Monday's response, the initial reaction to the unveiling featured fans airing their disappointment under the "for spiritual purposes only" captioned post.

"MGK is known for his various tattoos and even his Cleveland tattoos. To get that all covered up and go straight black is wild and weird to me," one internet citizen penned. Another noted, "Dudes has gotten so weird. Not even a fan anymore smh."

Despite the negative reviews, MGK took to his InstaStories to inform fans that a set of 44 needles were used to administer the ink into his skin. 

The "Bird Box" actor also disclosed that he dedicated four days a week to visiting the tattoo studio for 13 six-hour sessions to achieve the desired result. 

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One Of MGK's Tattoos Was Inspired By An Anime Character

Machine Gun Kelly performing at Wembley Arena

Another time MGK made headlines for his body art was in June 2023 when he got a leg tattoo inspired by Nigihayami Kohakunushi, also known as Haku.

The tattoo depicted Haku with a teal and mint green mane, a white-scaled body, and claw-like legs. He then updated fans about why he opted for a representation of the "Spirited Away" character on his body in an X, stating:

"I tattoo'd Haku on my leg last night for two reasons: he's a river spirit so his elemental powers are mostly water (like my emotions because they are in Pisces) and i relate to him whenever i watch spirited away, i attached his description and it mirrors how i feel in this world."

Machine Gun Kelly Has The Support Of His Partner

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly out in NYC

Meanwhile, MGK's off-again, on-again partner, Megan Fox, was roped into the conversation about his blackout tattoo when she joined Alex Cooper for an episode of her "Call Her Daddy" podcast. 

Alluding to the father of one being driven by profound personal reasons to get the bodily transformation, the "Jennifer's Body" actress said:

"The relationship with the tattoos that he had was very conflicted emotionally, whatever they represented. I don't actually know but he didn't like to revisit those memories of some of the tattoos that he had and he wanted to get rid of them."

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After praising MGK's resilience in enduring the process without painkillers, Fox, who witnessed one of the sessions firsthand, described it as a "spiritual initiation." It was for that reason that the 37-year-old opted to "respect" his space throughout the ordeal.

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