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Megan Fox Breaks Silence On Machine Gun Kelly's Blackout Tattoo

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 20, 2024 at 1:05 PM EDT

Megan Fox delved into the depths of her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly's striking full-torso tattoo, shedding light on its significance and emotional journey. 

The rapper unveiled the dramatic ink display back in February, sparking admiration and intrigue among fans. 

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Megan Fox Reacts To Machine Gun Kelly's Bold Tattoo Transformation

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly At Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2023 Issue Release Party

Fox, known for her own captivating cherry blossom tree tattoo sleeve, reminisced about the genesis of her ink journey, tracing it back to a period marked by pink hair dye and what she described as "metamorphosis." 

She fondly recalled the origins of her fascination with tattoos, sparked by playful encounters with temporary designs for herself and her children from the online platform, Temu.

During Fox's interview on the "Call Her Daddy With Alex Cooper" podcast, the actress began by mentioning that MGK had a deeply personal reason for undergoing such a significant transformation. 

However, she chose to keep the details private, leaving it up to him to share if he wished. The 37-year-old explained further:

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"But the relationship with the tattoos that he had was very conflicted emotionally, whatever they represented -- and I don't actually know -- but he didn't like to revisit those memories of some of the tattoos that he had and he wanted to get rid of them."

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Megan Fox Respects Machine Gun Kelly's Journey From Pain To Art

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly out in NYC

At the same time, Fox acknowledged the extraordinary pain tolerance required for such an extensive tattoo, expressing admiration for MGK's resilience in enduring the process without painkillers. 

The "Transformers" star witnessed one of the sessions firsthand and described it as a "spiritual initiation," which is why she chose to "respect" his space throughout the experience.

Regarding the final outcome, Fox referred to it as "very art," likening it to the avant-garde designs of minimalist fashion icon Rick Owens. 

"It's like an elevated version of all those tattoos that were pieced together. I think it's really elegant and it's kind of ahead of its time. I think in 10 years it'll be a trend," she shared.

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Inside Machine Gun Kelly's Ink Transformation

With a caption cryptically stating, "For spiritual purposes only," the 33-year-old stunned his Instagram followers with a new look in February. 

Not one to leave his fans hanging, MGK offered glimpses into the grueling process. Using an impressive set of 44 needles, the father-of-one subjected himself to 13 intense six-hour sessions, visiting the tattoo studio four days a week to achieve the desired effect.

The end result? The "Rap Devil" singer's upper body was adorned in a bold black ink, enveloping his arms, torso, and back. Some elements, like the cross-shaped design on his chest, added variation. 

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MGK's Transformation Sparked Reactions

Machine Gun Kelly Tries to continue his Summer stage Central Park concert despite the officials turning off the sound system because of an approaching thunderstorm.

However, even with his commitment to his new identity, reactions from fans were mixed. Some expressed nostalgia for his previous tattoos, like this netizen who wrote:

"I like your old tattoos they were like your history and so iconic," while another noted, "The sob I just let out of my mouth-"

Amidst the criticism, there were those who felt it was a positive step forward for the Houston native.

"Kelsssss this is amazing. A rebirth. The new era is gonna be your best one yet, mentally, spiritually, artistically, and emotionally. You're evolving. So proud of you," a supporter wrote. 

A fourth also stated, "I actually love it! ? especially the stripes on the arms, so you can still see what was there before."

MGK Unveiled Heartache With Raw Return To Rap

Sophie Lloyd and Machine Gun Kelly at 2022 Lollapalooza in Chicago

Last month, the "EMO Girl" artist offered listeners an emotional rollercoaster ride with his latest single. Through his lyrics, he laid bare his inner turmoil, confronting the demons of his mental health struggles head-on.  

In the striking visual, MGK pressed a finger gun to his head, accompanied by the words, "Lately, my thoughts eating me alive. Laid in the bed thinkin' maybe the hate will finally go away if I'm not alive." 

He also addressed his dramatic physical transformation by confessing to a breakdown that led him to cover his entire body in ink.

But the most heartbreaking revelation came as MGK opened up about Fox's 2021 miscarriage. Laying bare his feelings of helplessness and guilt, he recalled:

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"How can I live with the fact that my hand wasn't on her stomach when we lost the baby? I don't got no one to turn to 'cause everyone's dead in my life that was tryna raise me."

Through his candid lyrics and raw vulnerability, MGK revealed the scars of his tumultuous upbringing and its lingering wounds.

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