50 Cent Trolls Ex Daphne Joy For Being Name Dropped In Diddy's Lawsuit

50 Cent Trolls Ex Daphne Joy For Being Name Dropped In Diddy's Lawsuit

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 28, 2024 at 8:45 AM EDT

50 Cent has reminded fans that nobody is above being trolled by him. 

Shortly after his baby mama, Daphne Joy, was listed as Diddy's alleged "s— worker" in a new lawsuit, the rapper shared his inciting thoughts on the situation.

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50 Cent: 'Yo This Sh— Is A Movie'

50 Cent Sued By Concertgoer For Throwing Microphone At Her Face

50 Cent has not missed any opportunity to comment on the alleged relationship between Diddy and Joy since the latter accused him of physical abuse following their split. 

Thus, it was no surprise when the "In Da Club" hitmaker took to Instagram to post two images of himself standing under the rain while smoking a cigar. 

The renowned music machine paired his signature white shirt with a cream-and-blue jacket, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

For accessories, he wore a studded necklace, a ring, a black wristwatch, and a large-brimmed umbrella. While 50 Cent looked good in the photos, the true intent of the post came in the accompanying caption that read:

"I didn't know you was a s-x worker, you little sex worker. LOL. Yo this s— is a movie."

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Fans Agree On 50 Cent’s Pettiness

Within hours of the post going live, his fans were camped in the comment section, applauding the actor for coming through with his troublemaking antics. 

"50 gotta be the worst man to have as an opp, he doesn't stop,” one Instagram user quipped, as another declared, "If "idgaf" was a person, it'll be 50cent,” and a third noted, “If this is a response to his BM Fif is unmatched."

A fourth onlooker affirmed, "Yep it's official, he give noooooo f—ks about anything,” while a fifth attested, “I’ve been waiting all day for this s—."

Similarly, a sixth person chimed in, "This is why I love 50.... no one is safe,” and a seventh commented, “You always get the last laugh yo!"

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Daphne Joy: 'I'm An Outstanding Mother To Our Son'

In case you missed it, one of the highlights of 50 Cent’s faceoff with Joy occurred in 2022 when the OnlyFans star clapped back at her ex after speculation about her dating Diddy arose following the iHeartRadio Awards. 

The “Den of Thieves” actor responded to the rumors by uploading a picture of their son, Sire Jackson, on Instagram, alongside the caption: 

"Oh s—, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL Remember what I told you the other day, these b——s be crazy. SMH."

Refusing to let her baby daddy get away with the trolling, Joy penned in the comment section, "Please stop doing this to me. I never bother you and I’m an outstanding mother to our son. Can we please just focus on that. Please."

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She then took to her Instagram to express her frustration at continuously being portrayed as the villain due to her past relationship with 50 Cent, despite their breakup occurring over ten years ago. At the time, Joy partly stated:

"I value and cherish anyone I bring into my life, and when I finally show a glimpse of my happiness, I feel attacked for it. I’m so tired of defending my character, being prejudged, and constantly being villainized. I’m not doing anything wrong. I wish no ill to anyone. I just want to be happy. Thank you, and God bless."

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Joy Was Named As A Participant In Diddy’s Alleged S— Trafficking Ring

Daphne Joy at 'A Bad Moms Christmas' Los Angeles Premiere

Regarding her latest drama, PageSix reported that Joy was purportedly one of three women Diddy “bragged about” as recipients of a "monthly stipend" for their involvement in s-x work. 

The details of the alleged incident were revealed in a $30 million lawsuit filed by Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, in relation to Diddy’s alleged s-x trafficking ring. 

Also contained in the producer’s lawsuit are claims that the Bad Boy Records founder sexually assaulted Jones during their collaboration on his latest album from September 2022 to November 2023. 

Additionally, Jones alleged that he was coerced into soliciting s-x workers and engaging in sexual acts in the presence of the “Coming Home” rapper. He also stated that he believes he was drugged and raped during a party in February 2023.

In a rebuttal of the complaint, Diddy and his team declared that "Lil Rod is nothing more than a liar" who is motivated by financial gain.

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50 Cent Promised To Create A Documentary About Diddy’s Alleged Atrocities

Diddy Leaving The Corinthia Hotel

It is worth mentioning that 50 had something to say when Cassie slammed Diddy with a lawsuit accusing him of rape, physical abuse, and s— trafficking last November.

As reported by The Blast, the “Power” creator promptly took to X to post a picture of himself looking confusedly at the camera. 

"D— brother love, brother love, brother love, you out here looking ? CRAZY AS A MF. LMAO," he typed above the image.

The “Escape Plan” star then took things a step further by vowing to produce a documentary about the scandal surrounding his longtime rival and donate the proceeds to a charitable cause.

Even though the announcement has since been deleted, The Blast did catch a few reactions when it was initially shared on Instagram. 

While one comment read, "50 just opened so many doors…… I’m sad & mad at the same time, I’m SMAD??" another person shared, "Surviving Diddy gon HIT harder than R Kelly and Epstein combined!?"

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