The Man Charged With Tupac Shakur's Murder Mugshot Revealed

50 Cent Trolls Diddy In Connection To Tupac Shakur's Death: 'Time To Lawyer Up'

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By Favour Adegoke on October 9, 2023 at 2:45 PM EDT

Rapper 50 Cent just name-dropped Diddy in connection to hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur's death and the arrest of his murder suspect, Duane Keith "Keffe D" Davis.

In what seems to be an attempt at trolling, the "Candy Shop" rapper told Diddy that it's "Time to Lawyer up" as the investigation into the death of Tupac comes to a massive moment.

As we reported, Keffe D was taken into custody in Las Vegas on September 29, where he was charged with one count of murder with a deadly weapon. Before this, Keffe D had made several incriminating statements over the years, linking him to TuPac's death.

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50 Cent Calls Out Diddy In Connection To Tupac Shakur's Murder

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent at Good Morning America.

On Monday, 50 Cent, real name Curtis James Jackson III, took to his Instagram page to call out fellow rapper Diddy in a post about the death of Tupac Shakur, two weeks after a suspect was arrested in relation to his murder.

"D--- so pac got lined by brother love," 50 Cent wrote, adding, "LOL Time to Lawyer up, s--- might get sticky."

This statement was attached to a photo of Tupac, who could be seen riding shotgun next to music record executive Suge Knight in a black BMW. The same car Tupac was killed in during a drive-by shooting in September 1996.

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50 Cent Trolls Diddy In Connection To Tupac Shakur's Death: 'Time To Lawyer Up'
Instagram | 50 Cent
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Although 50 Cent is known for trolling and being shady to other acts, his latest comments come loaded, as Diddy, real name Sean Love Combs, has been rumored for years to have been involved in the murder of Tupac.

The arrested suspect in the case, Keffe D, previously implicated Diddy in the murder of Tupac during an interview in August.

"If I wouldn't have ever met [Diddy], I wouldn't have ever been involved in this bulls---," Keffe D said at the time. He continued, "I would've never met the brother. I never would’ve been involved in this bulls---."

"It really crashed two people’s empires in one night," The murder suspect stated. "Mine's for sure — Suge’s too. [Diddy] the only one still balling. He made our s--- go down, man."

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Tupac Shakur's Brother Speaks On Diddy's Connection To His Death

Diddy at the BET Awards 2022

In another interview, Tupac's brother, Mopreme, also spoke about the possibility of Diddy being involved in his death. Although he did not accuse the "Coming Home" rapper directly, he referenced Keffe D's claims, saying it was worth investigating.

"I don’t have to do anything. This individual [Keefe D] mentioned [Diddy’s] name. Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it? It does feel like Pac is being vindicated because back in them days when things were going down, everybody thought he was crazy," Mopreme stated during an appearance on "Comedy Hype."

He continued, "He may have not expressed it properly but that don’t mean he was wrong. Ya dig? So we’ll see."

In a previous chat, Mopreme talked about the arrest of Keffe D and how it took his family by surprise.

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"It’s bittersweet for a number of reasons. The time, of course, was 27 years, and it didn’t have to be this way. It didn’t have to happen at all. We have to live with the reality that my brother’s not here,” Mopreme said. "It ain’t over. We still gotta see if there [are] accomplices. We still gotta see the motive."

Keffe D Mocked The Police Over Tupac's Death Before His Arrest 

Rapper Tupac Shakur smiling

According to The Sun, Keffe D had “openly mocked the prospect of justice for many years” before he was taken into custody as a suspect in Tupac's murder.

The Los Angeles native was said to have often boasted about being instrumental in the demise of the hip-hop legend and taunted at the possibility of being brought to justice.

An insider told the news outlet, “He felt that the police were never going to take action against him two decades after the killing; he almost went into hyperdrive talking and boasting about his role in the death.”

“He’d be at parties and events, enjoying the limelight, being considered the man who knew the secrets of how Tupac passed.”

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To worsen things, Keffe D allegedly possessed an unusual level of confidence, often claiming, “The police ain’t gonna do s---,” when asked about his fears regarding a potential arrest. According to the news outlet, his arrogance, "foolish attitude,” and “lack of knowledge of the law” caused his arrest.

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