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Alexandra Daddario Shares 'Healthy' Foods Behind Bombshell Body

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By Evie Scott on March 22, 2024 at 6:00 PM EDT

Alexandra Daddario may be famous for her swimwear curves, but the Baywatch bombshell packed on plenty of muscle for the 2017 movie based on the iconic '90s TV series. With photos and videos since proving that the 37-year-old has maintained her gym-honed physique, fans are more curious than ever to find out what Alexandra eats to stay in shape, and that extends to what exercise she does.

Answering both as she spoke to Muscle & Fitness, Daddario dished on exactly what she feeds herself and how she works out. The actress even revealed the healthy go-to snack she carries around in her purse.

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Alexandra Daddario Lists Her Favorite Healthy Foods

In her reveal, Alexandra shared a ton of high-protein, low-fat foods, plus some healthy omega fats. "Salads, fish, and rice, especially before a workout. I keep Lara bars in my purse. I also love avocados. I’ll cut one in half, put some olive oil and salt on it—that’s a healthy and filling snack," The White Lotus favorite shared.

Daddario is known for showing off those toned legs and abs on Instagram, with the pandemic also seeing her show off her quarantine yoga for many a home session.

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All About The Yoga

Of her favorite, low-impact exercise, Alexandra continued: "I do a ton of yoga. I find it more than just physically beneficial, but also emotionally. It’s great to take an hour to just chill out, be away from your phone, and focus on positivity."

Daddario even mentioned both yoga and meditation during the early parts of the COVID-19 pandemic as she opened up to Byrdie

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"I’ve tried to get into meditation more," she said in 2021." I've also focused on connecting with people. It's about not letting people into your life who don't serve you and refocusing on who you have around you. I also do a lot of yoga now that yoga is open. And I have a wonderful partner who's helped me throughout this reopening journey. I feel very lucky, having someone to go through it with," Daddario added, name-dropping now-husband Andrew Form.

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Super-Toned In Swimwear

Alexandra tends to make her male fans hot under the collar with her Instagram-posted bikini snaps, however, she's also got female fans eyeing up her toned figure.

In April 2022, the brunette beauty shared this leggy beach shot of herself enjoying the ocean air and showing off her toned silhouette in a strapless blue bikini. "Beach!!!" she wrote while also rocking a baseball cap.

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Dishing Those Beauty Products

Daddario is signed to designer Dior and regularly shouts out Dior Beauty on IG, but she's got other favorites.

"I use a lot of natural products. I love Vintner’s Daughter—they have an oil that Gwyneth Paltrow turned me onto. I’m obsessed with it. I love Epicuren’s moisturizer and my Caudalie spray. I’m someone who tries all these different products, but I always tend to lean towards things that have more natural ingredients," she also told Byrdie.

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