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Gwyneth Paltrow's $1 Ski Trial Sparks Side-Splitting Comedy Musical With An Unexpected Twist

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By Alisan Duran on November 16, 2023 at 7:45 AM EST

Gwyneth Paltrow's legendary $1 ski trial becomes the muse for a sensational comedy musical!

This year, the "Iron Man" star faced a lawsuit from retired optometrist Terry Sanderson, who claimed she recklessly collided with him at the Deer Valley Resort in Utah in February 2016.

At the conclusion of the trial, Paltrow was granted a symbolic $1, as the jurors determined that Sanderson's allegations were unfounded, holding him entirely responsible for the collision.

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Trial Inspires A Comedy Musical!

Gwyneth Paltrow

"Gwyneth Goes Skiing," a comedy musical inspired by the trial, is set to kick off on December 13 at the Pleasance Theatre in North London. The production will run until December 23, featuring the talented male Swedish actor Linus Karp in the leading role.

The show's description reads: "She's the Goop-founding, Door-Sliding, Shakespeare-In-Loving Hollywood superstar, navigating the journey of consciously-uncoupling..."

It continued, "He's a retired Optometrist from Utah. In 2016, they went skiing. On the slopes of Deer Valley, their worlds collided, and so did they -- literally. Ouch. Seven years later in 2023, they went to court. Double ouch. This is their story. Kind of. Not really. But also, it's at Christmas."

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A Male Actor Will Portray Gwyneth Paltrow!

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Produced by Awkward Productions, the show will showcase Linus, renowned for his portrayal of Princess Diana, in the role of Paltrow, with Joseph Martin taking on the character of Sanderson.

Adding to its allure, the show will feature original music composed by Leland, known for his work on "RuPaul's Drag Race."

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Gwyneth Paltrow Standing Up For 'What's Right'

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After her legal victory, the 50-year-old actress' attorney, Stephen Owens, read a statement from her outside the courthouse.

Owens, representing Paltrow, stated, "We're pleased with the outcome and appreciate the judge and jury's consideration."

He added, "Gwyneth has a history of standing up for what's right and this situation is no different. She will continue to stand up for what's right."

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Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's 'Pleased' With Winning The $1 Ski Trial

Gwyneth Paltrow Hosts Opening of JVP International Cyber Center in New York JVP International Cyber Center, NY. 03 Feb 2020 Pictured: Gwyneth Paltrow. Photo credit: RCF / MEGA +1 888 505 6342 (Mega Agency TagID: MEGA601162_001.jpg) [Photo via Mega Agency]

At the time, Paltrow also wrote in an Instagram Story: "I felt that acquiescing to a false claim compromised my integrity."

She continued, "I am pleased with the outcome and I appreciate all of the hard work of Judge Holmberg and the jury, and thank them for their thoughtfulness in handling this case."

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The Importance Of Doing The 'Right Thing'

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In a recent interview with People, Gwyneth reflected on the "weird" experience of winning the ski trial last month. She shared how a profound desire to do the "right thing" and defend herself drove her throughout the process.

"I don't know that I've even processed it. It was something I felt like I survived. Sometimes in my life, it takes me a long time to look back and process something and understand something," she said. "I found myself in that situation and it was really important to me to go there and try to do the right thing."

The actress also emphasized that her top priority during the widely-watched trial was to maintain a sense of "calm" as she provided testimony.

Paltrow expressed, "I didn't want to create any more attention. I wanted it to be about the truth coming out."

Describing the intensity of the situation, she explained, "It was an intense experience. I kept saying to myself, in life, if you believe in God or the universe or whatever, I do believe that we're always exactly where we're supposed to be."

Paltrow added, "And we don't have to understand it. I really believe in fighting for what's right."

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