King Charles III Bestows Prestigious New Title On Princess Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton's Medical Records Part Of Security Breach At Hospital Where She Was Treated

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By Favour Adegoke on March 19, 2024 at 8:45 PM EDT

The mystery surrounding the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton's health thickens as it's been revealed that her medical records were part of a recent security breach at the London Clinic.

This recent development comes after she was caught on video for the time since her abdominal surgery in January. Although the princess and her husband, Prince William, were spotted together, the video has sparked controversy regarding Kate's health and whereabouts.

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Hospital Staff Allegedly Tried To Access Kate Middleton's Medical Records

King Charles III Bestows Prestigious New Title On Princess Kate Middleton

According to a report, staff at the London Clinic where Kate was treated have been accused of attempting to access her medical records and are now under investigation.

A source who spoke to The Mirror shared that at least one staff member tried to view Kate's health records. This has sent a shockwave through the Central London hospital, known for treating the royals and prime ministers.

"This is a major security breach and incredibly damaging for the hospital, given its unblemished reputation for treating members of the Royal Family," an insider told the news outlet.

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They added, "Senior hospital bosses contacted Kensington Palace immediately after the incident was brought to their attention and assured the palace there would be a full investigation. The whole medical staff have been left utterly shocked and distraught over the allegations and were very hurt that a trusted colleague could have allegedly been responsible for such a breach of trust and ethics."

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The Palace Has Been Informed Of The Security Breach

King Charles III Bestows Prestigious New Title On Princess Kate Middleton

Amid fears about the security breach, the London Clinic has yet to address the issue directly. However, the hospital issued a statement emphasizing its commitment to safeguarding the private information of patients.

"We firmly believe that all our patients, no matter their status, deserve total privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical information," the statement read.

According to The Mirror, the hospital notified the palace about the alleged security breach as soon as it was discovered.

Kensington Palace responded, "This is a matter for The London Clinic." Kate has also reportedly been personally informed of the matter.

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Kate Middleton Seen In First Video After Her Abdominal Surgery

The shocking news of the security breach comes right after the princess was spotted out and about looking "healthy" and "happy."

The mother of three was spotted alongside William at a Windsor farm stand on Saturday dressed in very casual outfits.

Eyewitnesses expressed surprise at the sighting of the royal couple, with one person noting: "After all the rumors that had been going 'round, I was stunned to see them there. Kate was out shopping with William, and she looked happy and she looked well."

Speaking on the surprise appearance, an anonymous palace insider informed the New York Post that the farm stand trip with William "should hopefully be enough to put an end to the outside noise' about Kate's recovery.

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Another source told The Telegraph that "finally everyone can calm down" after seeing Kate "happy, healthy, and relaxed."

Kate Middleton Professional Look-Alike Speaks Out

Kate Middleton

The farm stand video of Kate has been plagued with controversy, with many people claiming that it was not the real princess who appeared in the video.

Several royal fans questioned the possibility of it being a body double, with famous talk show host Andy Cohen tweeting, "That ain't Kate."

Now, one of the princess' most famous impersonators spoke candidly about the speculations and denied being the one who appeared in the farm stand video.

She told The Mirror, "There has obviously been some speculation about whether it was Kate and William in that footage and stills. In fact, my own social media has gone crazy as people think it is me, but I know it is not. I was at work at the time so I know that is not me. I 100 per cent believe that is Kate Middleton and William in that video."

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Former England Cricketer Slams Speculations About The Farm Stand Video

following the death of Queen Elizabeth II

In an attempt to quell speculation about the farm stand video, ex-England cricketer Keven Pietersen tweeted that he sees William and Kate "most days."

The cricketer blasted the conspiracy theories as "bull----" and told "cruel trolls" to leave Kate and her family alone.

Pietersen and his wife reside near Windsor, where Kate and William were sighted shopping on Saturday,

The 43-year-old wrote on X (formerly Twitter): "The conspiracy theories around Kate are absolutely absurd! We see W&K most days and in the last couple days too! It beggars belief that people would be so ridiculous and cruel in writing BULL---- on this platform that are out and out lies!"

He added, "W&K are the most wonderful parents and as normal/humble as they come. Let K who is recovering from an operation recover. Leave her and her beautiful family alone!!!!"

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