Stephen Colbert Mocks Prince William's Alleged Affair Amid Kate Middleton's Disappearance

Stephen Colbert Mocks Prince William's Alleged Affair Amid Kate Middleton's Disappearance

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By Favour Adegoke on March 13, 2024 at 4:45 PM EDT

Stephen Colbert has addressed speculation about Kate Middleton's absence and Prince William's alleged affair with the Marchioness of Cholmondeley, Rose Hanbury. Colbert sarcastically expressed sympathy for Kate and made fun of Hanbury's title.

Kate's spokesperson has since clarified that her absence is due to her recovery from abdominal surgery. Concerns rose when Kate posted a photoshopped image without her engagement ring for Mother's Day, later admitting to "editing" it.

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Stephen Colbert's Comments On Prince William's Alleged Affair With Rose Hanbury

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On a recent episode of "The Late Show," host Colbert addressed the ongoing speculation surrounding Kate Middleton's absence from her royal duties and Prince William's alleged affair with Rose Hanbury.

Colbert humorously remarked on the situation: "The kingdom has been all a flutter by the seeming disappearance of Kate Middleton. Well, now, internet sleuths are guessing that Kate's absence may be related to her husband and the future King of England, William, having an affair."

He sarcastically expressed sympathy for Kate, adding: "Oh no, my heart goes out to poor Kate."

Colbert went on, joking: "So, I think we all know who the alleged other woman is. Say it with me –– the Marchioness of Cholmondeley –– what a beautiful name!"

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He emphasized that Cholmondeley is pronounced "Chumley," turning it into a running joke throughout his segment.

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Stephen Colbert Revealed That Rose Hanbury Is Married To A 'Close Friend' Of Prince William

Delving further into the rumors surrounding William's alleged affair with Hanbury, Colbert mocked her title, referring to her as "the Marching Band of Chicanery."

The talk show host sarcastically referenced tabloid reports from 2019, quipping: "According to tabloids back then, when Kate supposedly confronted him about it, he laughed it off, saying there was nothing to it. Always a good response when your wife accuses you of cheating."

He playfully imitated William's response in a British accent, jokingly saying, "Ha ha, imagine me having an affair! It is to laugh."

The comedian then explained that Hanbury is "an old friend of the royals" and married to "a close friend of William's, David Rocksavage."

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Commenting on the name, he joked: "Really? Rocksavage? That sounds less like a British noble and more like a musician from 'The Flintstones.' Rocksavage? Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being told it's actually pronounced Chumley."

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Kate Middleton Allegedly 'Confronted' Prince William On His Rumored Affair With Rose Hanbury

Rose Hanbury

Speculation surrounding an alleged affair between William and Hanbury first emerged in 2019, as reported by InTouch magazine. The outlet claimed Kate "immediately confronted" William, who "just laughed it off."

At the time, William's attorney refuted the story and told the Daily Beast that it was "false and highly damaging."

However, the rumors resurfaced in 2022 when the Instagram gossip account Deuxmoi hinted at an affair between a British royal couple.

In 2023, the rumors reignited when Hanbury attended King Charles III's coronation, though a source close to the family who spoke to the outlet dismissed the rumors as unfounded.

The source said, per Page Six: "There has never been any enmity between Kate and Rose. The rumors were all a load of rubbish. The family are ancient allies of the Crown, and they will be there."

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Kate Middleton's Absence Raises Concerns Amid Edited Photo Saga

Catherine Princess of Wales undergoes surgery, London, UK

Colbert joked about the rumors after citing a headline titled "Rumors Surrounding Prince William's Relationship With Rose Hanbury Are at an All-Time High Amid Kate Middleton's Recovery."

The report featured tweets speculating about Kate's absence, attributing it to William's alleged involvement with Hanbury and a potential divorce.

However, Kate's spokesperson previously clarified that the Princess of Wales is recuperating from an abdominal surgery she had in January and will only provide "significant updates" until her return to royal duties on Easter.

Despite the initial update on her health, concerns for Kate rose when the princess posted a picture on Mother's Day without her engagement ring. The image was further lambasted online for being photoshopped and "doctored."

Kate Middleton's Photo Was Pulled By AP, Reuters, And Other Photo Agencies

Kate Middleton

The Mother's Day image featuring Kate and her three children was reportedly taken by William the previous week and was distributed to official news agencies as per tradition.

However, social media users noticed discrepancies, prompting top photo agencies, AP, AFP, Reuters, and PA, to issue a "kill notice" due to alleged digital "manipulation."

Amid an escalating scandal, the royals issued a statement in which Kate took responsibility for editing the image. "Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing," read the statement attributed to Kate. "I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother's Day."

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