Ambulance Seen At Bachelor Mansion Location In California

Why An Ambulance Was Spotted At The Bachelor Mansion

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on March 16, 2024 at 2:00 PM EDT

An ambulance was spotted at Bachelor Mansion -- the location where 'The Bachelor', 'The Bachelorette', and 'The Golden Bachelor', begin filming their seasons.

If you don't know, ABC's 'The Bachelor' and 'The Bachelorette', and its newest spin-off, 'Golden Bachelor', invite over 20 men or women to the Bachelor Mansion in hopes of finding love with its lead. This season, fans have fallen in love with lead Joey Graziadei, whose journey is coming to an end on March 25.

While 'The Bachelor' has completed its filming for this season at Bachelor Mansion, activity was still reported at the famous location as an ambulance was spotted parked in the driveway.

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Ambulance Seen At Bachelor Mansion

For those 'Bachelor' fans, don't worry -- everything is okay with Joey and his women at the Bachelor Mansion as it seems the ambulance is part of ABC's drama '9-1-1'.

Last week, '9-1-1' actor Oliver Stark teased that a crossover with another hit ABC show would be coming.

“There's a really fun emergency, and it's not necessarily the biggest in terms of spectacle, but in the fifth episode of the season, there's one that kind of touches base with another ABC show,” Stark told the outlet. “So I'm really excited for that just because I think it will be a good watch for the audience.”

“It's not a direct crossover, but there's a feel of it,” Stark added.

Now we know more about that special episode thanks to a leaked photo from People Magazine.

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'9-1-1' To Crossover With 'The Bachelor'

'9-1-1' has had many crossovers, specifically with ''Lone Star', but many had thought the next crossover Stark teased would be with 'Grey's Anatomy' -- however, it looks like, instead of visiting Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the cast of '9-1-1' will be heading to Bachelor Mansion.

When looking at the leaked picture, fans can see the ambulance from the 118 parked in the driveway of the iconic mansion from ABC's 'The Bachelor', 'The Bachelorette', and 'The Golden Bachelor'.

While the emergency is still unknown, if you look closely, you will notice the driveway is wet, which isn't uncommon as every time men or women step out of the limo, the producers hose down the driveway to create a more romantic atmosphere as it allows the moonlight to glisten off the concrete.

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What Was The Emergency At Bachelor Mansion?

Ambulance Seen At Bachelor Mansion Location In California

Perhaps the driveway is wet this time as the emergency crew had to put out a fire? Or maybe the crossover will be set on the first night of 'The Bachelor' when the lead meets his/her men/women for the first time?

See the leaked photo from People here.

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Will Joey Graziadei Appear In '9-1-1'?

Details of the upcoming crossover remain under wraps, so it is unclear if anyone from 'The Bachelor' will appear in the episode, but some are hoping to see current 'Bachelor' lead Joey Graziadei or host Jesse Palmer.

ABC declined to share any details about the crossover moment, per People.

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Oliver Stark Loves '9-1-1' Crossovers

Ambulance Seen At Bachelor Mansion Location In California

In the past, '9-1-1' actor Oliver Stark said the cast had “a great time” filming the 'Lone Star' crossover.

“It was nice from the story world because I just love seeing characters from the few shows interact, but it was also nice just to go and experience their set,” Stark recalls.

'9-1-1' first aired on Fox, but it soon moved to ABC, which allows for more crossovers with other ABC shows such as 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19'.

"Fox has been a really great home for us and made us feel very welcome and really fostered a collaborative working environment for us over the past six years," Stark said at the time. "But there’s also a possibility of now switching over to ABC opening up a new audience for us and exposing us to a new audience and possibly reinvigorating the show. So I think everybody’s very thankful for what Fox has done, but excited to see what the future holds for us on ABC."

'9-1-1' airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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