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Valerie Bertinelli Breaks Silence On 'Very Special' New Relationship

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 14, 2024 at 9:15 AM EDT

Valerie Bertinelli is officially off the market!

Two years after her separation from allegedly "narcissistic" ex-husband, Tom Vitale, the Hollywood veteran opened up about falling head over heels for a new man. According to the "One Day at a Time" actress, this relationship can't be compared to her past lovers.

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Valerie Bertinelli Says New Beau 'Was Not On My Radar'

Valerie Bertinelli attends the 32nd Annual Elton John Oscar Party

Bertinelli couldn't help but rave about her new beau in a candid interview, noting she is overflowing with gratitude and love for this mysterious man. She shared her happiness while discussing her upcoming cookbook, "Indulge," saying:

"I've met someone. And I'm incredibly grateful for him. It's unlike any relationship that I've ever experienced with a man. I don't want to say too much, but I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have met him because I wasn't expecting it!"

The 63-year-old, who previously had no plans on dating again, confirmed her new relationship came as a pleasant surprise. While she kept her boyfriend's identity a secret, his positive influence on her life was evident.

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"He was not on my radar. I was going to die with my six cats and my dog and be incredibly happy doing it," Bertinelli told USA Today, adding: "So this came out of left field, and I'm grateful it did. He's very special."

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Valerie Bertinelli Feels 'Incredibly Lucky'

Valerie Bertinelli celebrates her 58th birthday at the Los Angeles Book Festival

Despite her plans to remain single with her pets, the "Hot in Cleveland" actress couldn't be happier to have her initial goals disrupted by her boyfriend. She also couldn't believe she was sharing a new relationship with the world, saying:

"What was I doing? … I just can't help it. When I'm flipping happy, it's all over me, and he's one of the main reasons."

Nonetheless, Bertinelli stressed that she wouldn't be this happy if she hadn't worked on herself first. She advised people to do the same, saying:

"I really want women and men to take away that it's the work that you do (on yourself) that can lead you to meeting someone like I've been lucky enough to meet right now."

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"This would not have happened three years ago, four years ago, last year ― it wouldn't have," Bertinelli continued. "And I feel incredibly lucky to have met him and made a connection with him."

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The Hollywood Veteran Had Zero Interest In Dating Again

Valerie Bertinelli steps out after paying tribute to ex-fling Matthew Perry posting "Rest in peace, sweet man.”

Last June, Bertinelli never believed her future self would rejoin the dating pool as she seemed uninterested in finding a new man after her ex-husband. She conveyed her intentions in a TikTok video, quoting BoyWithUke's 2021 tune, "Two Moons."

The clip began with the overlay text: "When someone asks if I'll start dating soon," before Bertinelli lip-synced to the song's lyrics on cue, saying: "Yeah, f— no." At the time, the post generated several supportive comments from fans.

"Enjoy your life, Valerie! F— these men," someone wrote. Another supporter echoed: "FREEDOM!!" while a third commenter claimed they "couldn't agree more." Meanwhile, one fan jokingly asked: "Sooooo you're saying there's a chance?"  

Bertinelli Cited' Irreconcilable Differences' In Her Divorce From Tom Vitale

Valerie Bertinelli and Tom Vitale at the 46th Annual Daytime Emmy

A year before declaring her disinterest in dating again, Bertinelli filed to end her eleven-year marriage to Vitale in May 2022. She cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for dissolving their bonds, a permanent move many had suspected.

The Food Network star first filed for legal separation in 2021. At the time, it wasn't clear if this action would leave room for reconciliation or lead to a full-blown divorce, but the latter eventually happened.

According to the divorce documents, Bertinelli and Vitale signed a prenuptial agreement in December 2010, which detailed the splitting of the properties and other assets acquired during their marriage.

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Bertinelli's Message To Narcissistic Abuse Survivors

Valerie Bertinelli at the 2019 Daytime Emmy Awards - Pasadena

Since her divorce, the Hollywood Walk of Fame honoree has been vocal about surviving her ex-husband's alleged narcissistic abuse. Last June, she motivated those in similar situations with a message from The Rising Wonder Woman's feed that read:

"I get it. Actual survivors of narcissistic abuse aren't depressed; they just need 2-3 years to regulate their nervous system, which looks like depression."

Bertinelli agreed with the statement as she added a reassuring message to victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse. "Keep doing your internal work. It's so beautiful on the other side!" she declared in her Instagram Story caption.

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