Drew Carey Talks Closure After Justice Was Served For Ex-Fiancée's Murder

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By Afouda Bamidele on March 8, 2024 at 10:15 AM EST

Drew Carey has closed the chapter on his ex-fiancée, Amie Harwick's murder. 

The game show host disclosed that he found peace after Harwick's ex, Gareth Pursehouse, was found guilty of and subsequently sentenced for her brutal murder in 2023.

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Drew Carey Can Finally Breathe Following The Sentencing Of Amie Harwick's Murderer

Drew Carey attends the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards

When Carey met Harwick at a Hollywood gathering in 2017, they hit it off, and Carey managed to secure her contact details. A swift and intense romance followed, resulting in their engagement in 2018. 

Even though the relationship ended the same year, Carey still felt a deep pain when his ex-fiancée tragically lost her life, succumbing to blunt force trauma, in February 2020.

Afterward, law enforcement accused Pursehouse, Harwick's ex-boyfriend, of burglary and her murder, claiming he waited outside the therapist's apartment until she returned before assaulting her inside her home.

Pursehouse was eventually found guilty of Harwick's murder after he strangled and threw her over the third-floor balcony of her Hollywood Hills home in September 2023.

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However, it was not until December of the same year that he received a life prison sentence, according to Page Six

While the sentencing devastated Carey, it also brought him something that had eluded him for years — closure. Speaking on that, the comedian stated:

"I can barely remember the guy's name — that's how much I've put him out of my life — but ever since the final sentencing, it feels like we've all let out a breath and are able to finally move on." 

As Carey added, during a recent interview, "The whole process is over now, and there's nothing else to be done and nothing else to worry about. Just speaking just for myself, it's been quite a load off."

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Harwick's Parents Asked The Court To Make Them The Executors Of Her Life Estate

Besides Carey's loss of peace, the aftermath of Harwick's death also led to onlookers finding out that her estate was worth $1.4 million. The probate documents, filed by the 38-year-old's parents, Tom Allen Harwick and Penelope Arlene Harwick, noted the figure and requested a judge to grant them powers as executors of their daughter's estate. 

Since Harwick died without a will, the filing obtained by The Blast disclosed that the law had automatically made her parents the beneficiaries of her estate.

Tom and Penelope's parents also stated that their daughter possessed $135,000 worth of personal property and owned $1,365,000 worth of real property, likely referring to the real estate she owned in Los Angeles.

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Drew Carey Nearly Ended His Life On Two Occasions Due To Depression

Amid Harwick's family dealing with her death, Carey opened up about his other struggles, including depression and the two attempts he has made to end his life. He did so when he joined the host of "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace" earlier this year. 

Explaining where his mind was during his first suicidal episode when he was 18, the longtime "The Price Is Right" host shared:

"I think the suicide attempts were calls for help. I was so mad that everybody was having a good time. I remember that. I remember walking down the stairs, and everybody's drinking, and I was like, 'What the h— are they so happy about?' I was just angry that they were so happy. I was just tired of my life and [thought], who's gonna miss me?'"

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Even though he managed to overcome these dark feelings twice, Carey acknowledged his consistent struggles with pessimistic thinking as he often wondered, "who's-gonna-miss-me." 

Carey Is Focused On Fighting Through His Constant Struggles

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Despite the recurring thoughts, Drew Carey reassured fans of his mental stability, which he partly attributed to his time in Marine boot camp. He emphasized that the program gave him "three meals a day" and a sense of "purpose," a stark contrast to feeling "broke, lost, and sleeping on my brother's couch."

As The Blast reported, his mental health also continued to improve through reading self-help books and addressing past insecurities through stand-up comedy. Reiterating his constant struggles with depression, the "King of the Hill" actor stated:

"I still get depressed, often, just like everyone else. But it's not as bad. Just because you're a celebrity and have money doesn't mean bad things don't happen to you or you don't have bad days. Everybody's a person."

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