Drew Carey Talks Mental Health Struggles And Two Suicide Attempts

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 31, 2024 at 10:45 AM EST

Drew Carey is opening up about the scars hidden behind his bright smile.

The stand-up personality recently reflected on the darkest days in his mental health journey, including why he tried to end his life twice. "The Price Is Right" host did not hold back in sharing his pain, imploring fans to remember that celebrities are also humans.

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Drew Carey's Suicide Attempts Were A Cry For Help

Carey got emotional during a recent appearance on Max's "Who's Talking to Chris Wallace," where he addressed his mental health and how bleak his life had been. During his years-long battle with depression, he attempted to end his life twice — when he was 18 and in his early 20s.

"I think the suicide attempts were calls for help," the comedian explained before recalling his first suicide attempt. The unfortunate event occurred at a fraternity party, where his negative emotions had spiraled uncontrollably.

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"I was so mad that everybody was having a good time. I remember that. I remember walking down the stairs, and everybody's drinking, and I was like, 'What the hell are they so happy about?'" Carey recalled, adding: "I was just angry that they were so happy. I was just tired of my life and [thought], who's gonna miss me?'"

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Drew Carey attends the 49th Daytime Emmy Awards
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Despite overcoming these negative emotions twice, Carey admitted pessimistic thoughts occasionally plagued his mind. "I have a lot of that still. Like, the who's-gonna-miss-me type of thing," he explained, adding:

"A lot of times I think to myself, like if I die, I'm just gonna have my body cremated. No funeral and anything associated with, like, all my mementos and stuff. You can just burn them and give them away. Like, who cares?"

Carey assured fans that he is in a better place mentally, crediting the time he spent in boot camp for the Marines as part of the reasons for his stability. He noted the program gave him "three meals a day" and "purpose" compared to being "broke, lost, and sleeping on my brother's couch."

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Entertainment Weekly reported that his mental stability further improved by reading self-help books and shedding his past insecurities through stand-up comedy. While he has significantly changed from his younger self, Carey stressed that depression was a constant battle and implored fans to be understanding by saying:

"I still get depressed, often, just like everyone else. But it's not as bad. I mean, just because you're a celebrity and you have money doesn't mean bad things don't happen to you or you don't have bad days. Everybody's a person."

"I'm a regular guy from Cleveland. My girlfriend ties me to the bed one leg at a time, just like everyone else," Carey concluded, referencing the joke he frequently repeats while hosting "The Price is Right."

Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancé Was Murdered Four Years Ago

Four years before opening up about his mental health struggles, Carey made headlines over his late ex-fiancé Amie Harwick. The sex therapist was murdered in February 2020, leaving behind no will and a $1.4 million estate.

According to legal documents filed by the deceased's parents — Tom Allen Harwick and Penelope Arlene Harwick — they wanted to be named executors of their daughter's estate. They noted she had $135,000 of personal property and owned $1,365,000 of real property, which is most likely the real estate she owned in L.A.

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Their move to gain control over their late daughter's property came weeks after she was found dead after allegedly being thrown off of her 3rd story balcony. According to LAPD, they arrived at the therapist's home after responding to reports of a "woman screaming."

Law officials noted there were signs of forced entry and a struggle inside Amie's home, indicating she fought with the culprit before being thrown off the balcony. Her ex-boyfriend, Gareth Pursehouse, was arrested as the perpetrator and charged with first-degree murder.

Prosecutors accused him of "lying in wait" when Amie entered her home before the fight ensued. Before her death, the therapist had filed several restraining orders against her ex-boyfriend and accused him of domestic violence.

Her claims were severe, alleging Pursehouse "choked me, suffocated me, pushed me against walls, kicked me, dropped me to the ground with force…slammed my head into the ground, and punched me with a closed fist."

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