Joy Behar Trolls Donald Trump With Brutal Raunchy Joke About Stormy Daniels Alleged Affair

Joy Behar Roasts Donald Trump With Brutal Raunchy Joke About Stormy Daniels

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By Favour Adegoke on March 7, 2024 at 6:45 PM EST
Updated on March 9, 2024 at 1:51 PM EST

Famous comedienne Joy Behar made Donald Trump the butt of her joke during the latest episode of "The View."

She made the wisecrack while talking about whether President Joe Biden should have a public debate with the Republican presidential hopeful.

In the past, she has also taken shots at Trump, even saying that he has "fascist" tendencies.

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What Joy Behar Said About Donald Trump

During the Thursday morning episode of "The View," Behar made quite a raunchy joke that left fans reeling. The target of her joke was Donald Trump, and it happened as she and her co-hosts discussed whether President Biden should debate Trump ahead of the 2024 election, just like in 2020.

"On the one hand, I think that, you know, they should debate that Biden will wipe the floor with him or Biden should just challenge him to push-ups," Behar said during the conversation with the ladies.

She then followed through with the clincher after her initial statement elicited a massive response from the studio audience.

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"The last time Trump did a push-up, he was on top of Stormy Daniels, OK?" Behar added, referencing the American adult film star and former stripper whom Trump allegedly once had an affair with.

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Joy Behar Doesn't Think Joe Biden Should Debate Donald Trump

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Not surprisingly, the joke prompted audible "ohs" from the audience due to its boldness.

The reaction from two of the show's co-hosts was even more vivid. Alyssa Farah Griffin quickly covered her eyes, appearing stunned that Behar would make such a bold remark about the former president.

Meanwhile, Sunny Hostin tried to conceal her shock from the camera by taking a sip from her mug at that moment.

As for Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg, they maintained their composure with a smile, skillfully concealing any genuine reactions to Behar's joke.

To top up her joke, Behar rose from her spot and did a small curtsy bow towards the audience. She also drew applause from them when she further slammed Trump by saying he doesn't have the same moral standing as Biden.

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"But on the other hand, why does Joe Biden have to lower himself to even be on the same stage with this criminal, this 91-times indicted sexual harasser," she asked.

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Joy Behar Has Criticized Donald Trump In The Past

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Behar's comments weren't the first time she had taken a shot at Trump. Back in November, she slammed the former president after he claimed to have plans to "root out … the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country."

"When you start talking about people as vermin, that means that you have dehumanized them, and the next step is extermination. That is extermination talk," Behar said to "The View" panel after reading the quote aloud, per The Decider.

She also mentioned that the comment shows that the billionaire mogul is "on the same track as all fascist dictators."

Behar added, "He is a lover of dictators, and that's what he will be. And why do people still vote for him? Every day, I ask myself the question. It's about racism and taxes, and the Republican Congress, it's about retaining power and being in their jobs, and that's all that they are about. And we must do something about it now!"

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Donald Trump Is Still On Track To Be The Republican Presidential Candidate

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Despite several jabs at his candidacy and comments criticizing him as the wrong choice, Trump is still on track to be the Republican presidential candidate in the U.S. election later this year.

He took a commanding lead in the Republican primaries on Super Tuesday, garnering 995 delegates compared to his competitor, Nikki Haley's 89.

Haley has since dropped out of the race, leaving Trump with a clear route to amass the necessary 1,215 delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination later this month.

Additionally, Trump's win on Super Tuesday was augmented by his victory over the state of Colorado's effort to remove him from its presidential primary ballot.

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court decided the state doesn't have the power to make such a declaration. It also effectively nullified previous disqualifications from Maine and Illinois.

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