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Donald Trump Displayed A 'Subdued' Demeanor During Victory Speech As A 'Gift' To Melania

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By Favour Adegoke on March 6, 2024 at 9:19 PM EST
Updated on March 6, 2024 at 9:40 PM EST

A body language expert has claimed that Donald Trump's "subdued" demeanor at his Super Tuesday victory is a gift to his wife, Melania Trump.

Previous reports alleged that the former first lady asked the billionaire mogul to appear more presidentialwhile giving speeches, possibly prompting his behavior at the event.

Melania, however, has been noticeably absent from many of his campaign events, including the Super Tuesday victory speech.

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Body Language Expert Claims Donald Trump Kept His Ego More In Check Than Usual Thanks To Melania

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In an interview with The Mirror, body language expert Judi James claimed that Trump appeared more "subdued" at his Super Tuesday victory speech, a departure from his typical style at such an event.

"A Trump electoral speech is often a patchwork of smug, self-aggrandizing, naked anger, and some comedy showboating, but this speech is primarily a one-note, one-tone performance," James said.

"Apart from a swift, biting sneer when he says Joe Biden's name, he keeps his emotions and his inflated ego more in check than usual in terms of his non-verbal signaling," she added.

James also described Trump's delivery style as a "complete change of gear" towards a "calm and presidential manner."

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According to the expert, the Republican frontrunner might have been inspired to make the change as a "gift" to his wife, Melania, who is said to have asked him to act more presidential on several occasions.

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Is Donald Trump's Body Language Aimed At Picking Up Stray Votes?

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James also offered an alternative explanation for Trump's behavior.

"Getting more presidential as he gets closer to the White House could be a body language technique aimed at picking up stray votes and even converting the undecided," the body expert further remarked.

"It seems to imply that his roadshow was deliberate panto but that this is the man you could be voting into office," James further noted.

Already, the possibility of Trump getting re-elected as president is gaining momentum after he took a commanding lead in the Republican primaries on Super Tuesday.

Trump currently leads with 995 delegates, compared to Nikki Haley's 89. His victory margins in various states are noteworthy, boasting a 70% margin in Alabama and California and 61% in Texas.

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With the possibility of overcoming Trump's lead seemingly impossible, Haley was forced to drop out of the race. Trump is now on track to amass the necessary 1,215 delegates to clinch the Republican presidential nomination later this month.

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Supreme Court Recently Restored Donald Trump to Colorado Ballot

US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump are seen driving away in the motorcade after arriving on Air Force One at Palm Beach International Airport

Trump's win on Super Tuesday is augmented by his recent victory over the state of Colorado's effort to remove him from its presidential primary ballot.

A few days ago, the US Supreme Court ruled that the state has no right to carry out such an act, adding that such a power belongs to Congress under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. The unanimous decision effectively nullified previous disqualifications from Maine and Illinois.

During the proceedings, the court only focused on which entities could enforce the insurrection provision, which was used to disqualify Trump in some states earlier. In doing so, they tactfully avoided addressing some of the most contentious political aspects of the case, such as determining whether Trump was genuinely involved in the insurrection on January 6, 2021.

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MAGA Supporters Angry At Melania Over Her Absence During Her Husband's Super Tuesday Speech

Donald Trump's Marriage To Melania Is Allegedly Only About 'Business And Not Pleasure'

As Trump's campaign continues to heat up, Melania has only made a few appearances, drawing the ire of MAGA supporters.

Shortly after being MIA at the billionaire mogul's Super Tuesday victory speech, they took to X (formerly Twitter) to slam the former model.

One person said, "[Melania] wants Biden to win more than anyone. She would have to act like she is Trump's wife again and she can't stand him. She doesn't want to be forced to be in the same house as him most of the time."

Another fan tagged her X account, " are failing as a strong Historic woman now! WHERE THE HECK WERE YOU? THE VICTORY SPEECH ON SUPER TUESDAY IS AT MAR A LAGO, SO I GUESS YOU ARE SITTING UPSTAIRS WATCHING TV? We loved you, but you refuse to support your husband and show no interest as First Lady!"

Trump has previously claimed that Melania would join his campaign trail, but the former first lady has barely made any appearance to support him. The last time she was seen with the ex-president was at a gala held in Mar-a-Lago by the Trumpettes.

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