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Woman Slams Chicago Bulls With Lawsuit Accusing Scottie Pippen Of Abuse

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 29, 2024 at 6:45 AM EST

The Chicago Bulls team has been dragged into their former superstar player's mess as Scottie Pippen is facing sexual assault and harassment allegations from his former flame.

According to the legal documents obtained by The Blast, Chyvette A. Valentine, a woman who claims to be the former basketball player's ex-girlfriend, recently dropped severe complaints against him, the NFL team, and his family.

Her name may ring a bell to those keeping up with Pippen's drama, as she previously sued the 58-year-old in 2019 over expenses incurred during their alleged relationship.

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Chicago Bulls Gets Named Alongside Scottie Pippen And His Family In New Lawsuit

Valentine filed a civil action lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, on Wednesday. She named the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen, and his family — ex-wife Larsa Pippen and brother Carl T. Pippen — as the parties responsible for her alleged suffering.

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Larsa Pippen Scores Half Of Scottie Pippen's 'Chicago Bulls' Retirement
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According to Valentine, she had an on-and-off relationship with Scottie from 1987 to 1993. However, their romance ended after she was allegedly raped by the Pippen brothers, a crime that resulted in the birth of her late son Devonte Pippen who was murdered in 2011.

Since the dissolution of their alleged relationship, Valentine claimed Scottie has used his status as a Chicago Bulls player to stalk, harass, and torment her. She claimed his actions have caused severe mental and emotional distress alongside numerous other problems.

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Valentine claimed she had lost housing, employment, and career opportunities over Scottie's alleged stalking. She claimed that she once attempted to file a police report about the harassment, but the former NBA star canceled her request using his believed connections with local, state, and federal employees.

She also claimed he used his medical connections to falsify her reports to make it seem like she was "mentally ill." The lawsuit contained more claims of harassment and devastating incidents that have allegedly been going on for over thirty years.

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Valentine requested a jury trial, and she is seeking $250 million from the Chicago Bulls, Scottie, and his family over her claims of stalking, harassment, intentional infliction of mental and emotional duress, death threats, defamation, child support for her late son, and more.

Scottie Pippen's Ex-Girlfriend Pens Emotional Letter To The Chicago Bulls

Scottie Pippen is seen leaving lunch with friend at Il Pastaio

Valentine announced her decision to sue the Chicago Bulls alongside Scottie and his family in an emotional letter. She reiterated her claims of harassment from the Pippen clan and blamed the NFL team for not helping her situation, writing:

"Over the past 30 years and counting, I have endured a series of tormenting acts perpetrated by Scottie Pippen, Carl T. Pippen, and Larsa Pippen, with the Chicago Bulls organization failing to address or rectify the situation. These acts include stalking, harassment, and rape, among others."

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"Despite my repeated attempts to seek recourse through appropriate channels, the Chicago Bulls organization has negligently allowed these crimes to persist unchecked," Valentine continued. She noted the Pippen members had inflicted "profound emotional distress, physical harm, and irreparable damage" to her well-being.

She accused the Chicago Bulls of showing a "blatant disregard for the law and basic human decency." She implored them to take responsibility as they failed to provide a "safe and respectful environment" for the team's associates.

Valentine warned the Chicago Bulls organization to take immediate action to address her case. She claimed that if they failed to respond favorably within 30 days, she would "pursue legal action to seek justice and restitution for the damages inflicted" upon her.

The Chicago Bulls have yet to comment.

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