Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot With One 'Sister Wives' Cast Present

‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Is Embracing 'Messy' Life With Husband

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By Afouda Bamidele on February 20, 2024 at 5:15 PM EST

Christine Brown continues to prove monogamy is the best decision she has ever made with new heartwarming snaps with her husband, David Woolley.

The "Sister Wives" star was the first out of Kody Brown's four wives to leave the polygamous union, and her post-divorce life has only gotten better with time. She recently flaunted her blossoming relationship with her beau, embracing the less glamorous side of their romantic getaway.

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Christine Brown & David Woolley Live It Up In Punta Cana

Christine updated her Instagram page with images from the couple's trip to Punta Cana, a popular tourist hot spot in the Dominican Republic. The first set of snaps captured the pair's excitement as David drove a four-wheeler through muddy water, splashing them with muck.

Although they happily enjoyed getting covered in the mud, the lovebirds protected their faces with scarves and sunglasses. One picture showed Christine's outfit, featuring a pink sleeveless top and colorful shorts.

Meanwhile, part of her husband's fit consisted of a multicolored top and a baseball cap. He donned the same casual shirt in another shot of the couple cuddling in a pool with water raining down on them.

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"Sometimes life gets messy, and sometimes you gotta just embrace it!! #plexus #puntacana #lovegettingmessywithyou #livelife,” Christine captioned the fun post, earning a cute response from her lover.

"Do you think I was laughing under my mask?😂" David asked in the comments, and his wife replied, "@david__woolley he was laughing his head off!! So was I!" The duo's adorable interaction got fans fawning over their relationship, with one IG user noting:

"I think Christine wanted what everyone wants, a partner who cares, helps, and enjoys life with you. I'm so glad she is able to enjoy her life now. And I do believe polygamy is wrong, and I'm glad she left it behind. I hope Janelle comes to that realization soon."

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"I have never seen you smile so radiant and positively growing. It's amazing what real love can do ❤," another fan echoed, while a third supporter added: "How good does it feel to do normal fun stuff with your love? So happy you left a stressful mean man, and your kids get to see the difference in you!"

More IG users shared similar sentiments about Christine and David's blossoming relationship, a frequent reaction since the lovebirds tied the knot in October 2023. Surprisingly, the TLC star once believed monogamy might negatively impact her independence but swiftly changed her mind thanks to her doting husband.

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Christine Brown Declared She Is 'More Independent' In Monogamy 

Last December, Christine opened up about how monogamy had positively changed her life since leaving her plural union on the "Sister Wives" series. She explained that she initially feared losing her independence in a singular relationship; however, she only grew more confident.

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The 51-year-old showcased her happiness with a radiant picture of herself in a pink top, smiling brightly at the camera as the sun kissed her glowing skin. "I was always concerned I would lose my independence in monogamy," she captioned the snap, adding:

"I realized the other day, being married to the right person (David for me!), that I am more independent than I ever was! #strongwoman #independent #strongerthanever #blessed."

Fans couldn't agree more with Christine's perspective, showing her with heartfelt compliments in the comment section. "Looking so genuinely happy," someone observed, while another echoed, "Honestly, you look 10 years younger!!!"

While many expressed happiness for the reality TV star's relationship with David, the best comment came from the doting husband. He raved about what a sweet wife his lover was, revealing he had been showered in love.

"I had surgery last Friday. I've never been taken care of like Christine has done for me. I have the best wife and soulmate that anyone could have. She is my angel love you so much, Christine Woolley!" David sweetly penned.

As stated, the couple frequently won fans' hearts with their love for each other, and David became a hit with them at the start of the year. Last month, Christine shared a never-before-seen picture from the duo's wedding, where her beau popped his leg while kissing her.

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The romantic gesture got fans' approval, with many dubbing the media personality as the sweetest husband. "The leg pop was the most iconic moment in history!!!!" Someone declared while another described David's action as "epic."

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