Christine Brown & David Woolley Tied The Knot With One 'Sister Wives' Cast Present

'Sister Wives' Fans Are Loving This 'Romantic' Gesture From Christine Brown's Beau

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 16, 2024 at 2:15 PM EST

Christine Brown's new beau, David Woolley, is leaving fans in awe with a wedding moment that has everyone talking. 

Forget polygamy woes; the "Sister Wives" star is living her best love story as her newfound partner transcends the ordinary. Even labeled a "healing balm" by her former sister wife, Janelle, Christine's marriage is shaping up to be a rollercoaster of love and joy. 

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David Woolley's Foot-Popping First Kiss With Christine Brown Sparks Online Frenzy

As captured in the newly released wedding photos, David wasted no time demonstrating spontaneity and affection, skillfully planting a kiss on his blushing bride. 

The image beautifully exposed a harmonious mix of passion and playfulness between the lovebirds as David popped his right leg and foot. At the same time, Christine responded by leaning in to savor the sweet and unexpected moment.

Adding to the excitement, the 51-year-old could not contain her joy, exclaiming, "I had no idea @david__woolley popped his leg! It. Was. Amazing!! He's so so spontaneous and so romantic!! #epicphoto #weremarried." 

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Fans chimed in with their own expressions of adoration and excitement, especially over David's pose in the image. One supporter, who appreciated his leg pop, noted, "Love his leg! He is smitten. Loved watching how much your kids love him ❤️."

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Another cybernaut playfully declared, "The leg pop was the most iconic moment in history!!!! ??????????," while a third described David's action as "epic."

Amidst the shower of compliments, well-wishers extended their congratulations, with a fourth writing, "From everything we got to see, it was a beautiful wedding. Congratulations."

Emotions ran high as some followers also shared their heartfelt sentiments. "I'm literally tearing up! You deserve all the happiness and your kids are so precious!!" exclaimed a netizen. Another summed up the sentiment with a simple, "This was the cutest thing! SO happy for you!"

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While she basked in the happiness of the wedding ceremony, the romance did not stop there. Christine's post-wedding glow extended into her daily life, and she was quick to spill the tea on her newfound strength and independence in a previous life update. 

The update showcased the mother-of-six in all her radiant glory, donning a pink blouse against a breathtaking rocky landscape and vivid blue skies. With dark sunglasses accentuating her beaming smile and blonde hair cascading over her shoulder, she exuded happiness.

Her caption echoed a sentiment many could relate to, "I was always concerned I would lose my independence in monogamy. I realized the other day, being married to the right person (David for me!) that I am more independent than I ever was! #strongwoman#independent#strongerthanever#blessed."

As expected, Christine's fans excitedly flooded the comment section, with one follower expressing, "Looking so genuinely happy," while another added, "Honestly, you look 10 years younger!!!"

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Notably, David himself joined the chorus of affection, revealing a touching aspect of their relationship. In response to the comments, he shared a personal note that read:

"I had surgery last Friday I've never been taken care of like Christine has done for me I have the best wife and soulmate that anyone could have she is my angel love you so much Christine Woolley!"

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Janelle's Unwavering Joy For Christine's New Beginning

In a world where exes might harbor bitterness, Janelle proved that genuine happiness knows no bounds. While expressing no regrets about her separation from their ex-husband, Kody, her feelings took a backseat to the sheer joy she felt for Christine's new relationship

During a previous episode of "Sister Wives: Christine & David's Wedding" special, the 54-year-old subtly dissed Kody as she praised David. According to Janelle, Christine's new beau was a saving grace, a stark contrast to her experiences during her lengthy union with the famous family's patriarch.

The special highlighted the mother-of-six's admiration for the openly affectionate duo. She stated, "To me, the fact that they are obviously, openly affectionate with each other is almost like the healing balm that kind of soothes that wound that Kody inflicted."

Meri, the third wife to leave the family, also emphasized that the TV personality truly deserved happiness after enduring their ex-partner's verbal abuse over the last couple of years. In a resounding declaration, the mother-of-one stated, "She deserves it. She deserves to be happy and have someone that really loves her."

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