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Dana Hamm In Stringy Bikini Is Wet And ‘Unique’

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By Kristin Myers on February 18, 2024 at 7:00 AM EST

Model Dana Hamm is a one-of-a-kind beauty but fans already know that!

The "Trouble Is My Business" star asked her 3 million Instagram followers which photo was the most "unique" while sharing three photographs that featured her getting wet on the beach in a drawstring bikini that didn't leave much to the imagination!

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Dana Hamm In Tiny Bikini Gets Wet In The Waves!

Just two days before Valentine’s Day, Dana shared a photo that featured her sitting in the ocean in a black stringy bikini. She hid her eyes behind red-tinted sunglasses as she posed with her damp hair slicked back behind her. A second photo features her kneeling on the beach in front of a tripod, while the third photo features her lying barefoot in the rocks, ready to submerge her feet into the cool water.

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“Which slide is the most unique?” she asked in the caption. “Slide 2. Very behind the scenes,” one fan commented. “Slide 2 is definitely the most unique,” another follower wrote. “You are unique. You’re a one-of-a-kind beauty. Of course, I would come over and say hi, more than likely falling on my face in front of you,” a third fan joked. “You are so incredibly beautiful and gorgeous,” another follower gushed while another fan added, “Absolutely the sexiest woman on the Internet.”

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Dana Hamm Shares A Throwback In Her Silver Bikini

Only a few days before Valentine’s Day, Dana reminded her fans that summer isn’t that far away as she posed for a steamy shot that featured her basking in the sun in a silver bikini. She has sunglasses covering her eyes as she tilts her chin up toward the sky, letting her long blonde hair fall back behind her. She complimented her silver bikini with silver heels that shimmered in the summer sun. “Classic,” she wrote in the caption.

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“Wow,” one fan commented. “So beautiful,” another follower wrote. “Absolutely superb and irresistible,” a third fan gushed. “The Workout Queen of California,” another follower teased. “Looking very fancy,” another fan chimed in. “You brought summer early,” another follower teased. “Wow, I love it. This photo shows off your absolutely and ridiculously outrageously gorgeous and sexy and amazing and beautiful body,” another fan wrote while another follower called her a “Beautiful princess.”

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Dana Wishes Her Fans A Blessed Day

In a video that featured her putting her bosom on display in a long-sleeve gray bodysuit, Dana wished her followers a “blessed day” as she gave fans a close-up look at a face full of makeup. She paired long lashes with a glossy pink lip, letting her long blonde hair fall around her face in kinky curls. “Just wanted to tell you that you’re pretty great! Have a beautiful blessed day!” she wrote in the caption.

“Speechless,” one fan declared. “And you're a wonderful woman! Have a nice day and an excellent weekend!” another follower wrote. “Waking up in the morning and seeing you every day is heavenly,” a third fan gushed. “Happy Friday Gorgeous! Looking HOT! I love you!” another follower exclaimed while another fan called her the “Beautiful and sexiest goddess.”

Dana Gives Fans A Little Taste Of Cabo!

On the day before Valentine's Day, Dana revealed that she was taking a trip to Cabo San Lucas! Although most of her post was filled with photos and videos of where she'll be staying, she began her Instagram post with a shot of her posing in a silver one-piece swimsuit. "A lil taste of #cabo... just arrived so getting settled in. And you know I had to pop off a few shots before sundown. Thank you to Mr. Liam for this beautiful swimsuit," she wrote in the caption. As expected, fans showered her post with comments of "beautiful" and "gorgeous" while begging her for more bathing suit snaps!

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Interested in more Dana Hamm content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation returned to Instagram after a brief hiatus in a sheer white top that was practically see-through! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

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