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Dana Hamm In Sheer White Top Says ‘Hi!’

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By Kristin Myers on February 16, 2024 at 7:00 AM EST

Model Dana Hamm is back on Instagram and fans are relieved!

A few days ago, her fans were shocked and concerned when her Instagram page suddenly disappeared from the Internet. Fortunately, her page is back up and running again, along with some new content for her millions of followers!

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Dana Hamm's White Top Is Looking A Little See-Through!

Dana exuded Christmas vibes at the beginning of February as she posed next to a blue ornament. She wore bright red lipstick, which brought out the highlights in her golden curls. It looked like she wasn’t wearing anything in underneath her thin white crop top, which she paired with white panties and black stockings. “Hi!” she wrote in the caption next to an angel emoji.

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“The kids in the 5th photo should have been in the first one,” one fan wrote in the comments, referring to Dana’s two dogs. “You have a very beautiful-looking home. Your wooden furniture is bad--- and you are so beautiful,” another follower wrote. “So hot you look like fire,” a third fan gushed. “The puppies, the egg, oh let's not get into the other things in the pictures,” another follower teased while another fan praised her nose, lips, hair, and all of the other elements that prove that she’s the “goddess of beauty and love!”

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Dana Hamm Is Ready For A Winter Adventure!

With a geotag of the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Dana shared a look at her favorite Spirit Hoods shrug, which perfectly complimented her animal-print outfit and her long hair. She shared several different photos of her posing for the camera and a shot of her dog, Moses, peeking out of a carrier. That was followed by a delicious-looking pizza covered with pepperoni and basil leaves.

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“Come on… let’s go on a little winter adventure,” she wrote in the caption. “As long as you put on your coat, gloves, and boots!” one fan teased. “Love you in the fur, Dana. Hey, let’s go get some pizza,” another follower wrote. “Every day is an adventure,” a third fan chimed in. “Such a beauty,” another follower wrote. “That hotel is beautiful, just like you!” another fan exclaimed while other followers expressed their love for her “tongue pic.”

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Dana Hamm Looks Cute and Cozy In Animal-Print

Even though it is snowing outside, Dana did her best to keep warm in a Spirit Hoods shrug and animal-print bodysuit that put her fit physique on full display. “I'm just gonna tell you right now...below zero Temps and photo shoots don't typically go together, but when in Colorado you have to take advantage of the beautiful scenery! And you know I did,” she wrote in the caption.

“As you can see on the last pic I was getting closer to the house, lol!! I could last about 20-30 mins and then I had to go inside and get warm,” she added. “You look perfect and beautiful,” one fan gushed. “Absolutely stunning,” another follower agreed. “They’re great photos,” a third fan chimed in. “You are the definition of loveliness and beauty,” another follower gushed. “Even in polar bears’ weather, I see that your outfit is melting due to the hotness of something or someone,” another fan teased.

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Dana Hamm Has Returned To Instagram!

Last week, fans got nervous when Dana’s Instagram page completely disappeared! She didn’t explain why she was gone, but she did return to Instagram on Thursday night with a photo and a video that featured her posing in a long-sleeve grey bodysuit and thigh-high black boots. In the caption, she revealed that she was gone for two days and gave a “big shoutout to the real ones who always help out.” She also asked her fans, “Did you miss me?”

“Of course we missed you!” one fan exclaimed. “Of course, and this is a really nice shot of you,” another follower shared. “Thank you so much for coming back,” a third fan chimed in. “Instagram isn’t the same without Dana,” another follower wrote. “Don't ever do that to me again! Granted...you just made up for it in a very big way!” another fan teased. “I've missed you so much! 2 days have been a long time without you!!!” another follower added.

Interested in more Dana Hamm content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation proved that she was beach body ready in the middle of winter as she posed in her little black bathing suit! Fans can check out that jaw-dropping display by clicking here!

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