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Kyle Richards Reveals Mauricio Umansky 'Did Not Have A Penny When I Married Him'

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 26, 2024 at 8:15 AM EST

Kyle Richards has opened up about her husband Mauricio Umansky's finances in their early days as a couple. 

The reality television personality disclosed that Umansky was penniless when they first began dating while discussing her marriage troubles in a recent interview.

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Kyle Richards Has No Plans To Stay With Mauricio Umansky Just For Properties

Richards has left no stones unturned in the conversation about life during her ongoing — and shocking — separation from Umansky. She delved even deeper into the subject when she appeared on SiriusXM's "Jeff Lewis Live" on Thursday.

The reality star disclosed that while dealing with financial matters post-breakup may be challenging, it is not her primary concern. Kicking off the chat, "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star explained:

"We did not have a prenup. My husband did not have a penny when I married him. My mom lent us money when we were first married. There was one Christmas that we didn't have any money for Christmas presents. My mom gave me money, and his grandparents helped us. We built everything together."

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While emphasizing that the money belonged to her and her estranged spouse, Richards said, "It's very clean cut. Everything's half, regardless. That's not an issue for me." She then declared the probability of her and Umansky keeping their homes since they "don't fight" and are "not a toxic couple." The socialite added:

"You never would see fighting in our home ever. We would just go our separate ways and maybe keep the houses." 

With all that said, Richards maintained that financial considerations would not be a factor in her decision to remain married to Umansky, with whom she shares three children — Alexia, Portia, and Sophia.

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"If we're not going to be together, I would get divorced—one hundred percent. I would not live like that because, psychologically, I would need to move on. I would never do that just for properties," the Central Union High School graduate shared.

Regarding the current challenges with her husband of two decades, Richards acknowledged, "It's really tough," before continuing:

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"I do feel like my entire identity is being a wife and a mom. That's been really hard to wrap my head around. I love him so much. If it was one of those situations where you're like, 'Oh, I can't stand this guy,' this would be so easy for me. It would be very easy. I can guarantee you I do not want to be in this position. I never wanted to be in this position. I thought I knew where I would be until the day I died, so that's a lot to process."

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The 53-year-old's candor comes two months after she addressed rumors suggesting she fabricated stories about her failed marriage for reality show ratings. In a conversation with Alex Baskin in November 2023, she expressed her disbelief at the idea, stating: 

"What human being would create a story like this for ratings? No offense, Alex. I love you and everybody with the show. But who would do that for ratings? Put their family through this." 

As reported by The Blast, Richards dismissed the notion as "one of the dumbest things" she has heard in 13 years, underscoring that she would not pretend to be separated to garner attention, especially at the expense of her children.

Richards Slams Media Narrative Of Her Relationship With Morgan Wade

The "Little House on the Prairie" actress similarly criticized talks about being in a romantic relationship with Morgan Wade. Richards clarified that despite being seen with the country singer on trips and vacations, the romance angle is a narrative spun by the media. 

The Blast shared that she accused the media of craftily singling her and Wade out from the company of friends whenever they are spotted together. In her words:

"She has a group of friends that I lean on; in the media, they only show Morgan. But she's part of a group of friends."

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After revealing that Wade is one of four people she texts first thing in the morning, Richards stated, "My first text messages of the day are four different people, but, you know, if I'm walking down the street, having lunch with them, they're usually cut out of a photo. Usually, they cut my friends out unless it's Morgan."

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