'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Wants A 'Future Of Forgiving & Understanding' With Ex-wives

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By Afouda Bamidele on January 25, 2024 at 4:30 PM EST

Kody Brown is focusing on cultivating an environment of forgiveness and understanding after facing the departure of three of his wives — Christine, Meri, and Janelle — all within a span of 14 months.

Amidst past challenges and shifting dynamics, the polygamous family's patriarch is optimistic about the journey ahead, which includes complete monogamy. 

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Kody Brown Wants To Rebuild Connection With His Ex-wives

For the “Sister Wives” star, the aftermath of their separation became a profound journey of self-discovery. 

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Admitting a need for self-forgiveness and acknowledging the weight of lingering anger, Kody shared his commitment to moving forward and fixing the fractured relationships that defined their shared past.

“I’ve got to find that space of grace and love for myself,” the reality TV star candidly revealed, highlighting his desire to let go of the resentment he harbored. Having separated from each of his wives within a short span, Kody made note of the hurdles that come with navigating post-marital relationships.

The father-of-eighteen shared insights into this transformative journey, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness and understanding. In his own words,

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"You have to express forgiveness to the people you've been involved with. You have to express understanding and hope that at the end of an era for us as a family, we still have hope of a friendship and a loving or kind relationship with each other in the future because we're bound forever through our kids.”

While speaking to PEOPLE, the 55-year-old also pointed out the challenges of dealing with these complex emotions by describing the ongoing process as “a journey that goes inward and it's a journey that's outward.” 

In the face of what marks the end of an era for the polygamous family, Kody’s running theme continues to be understanding as he holds onto the hope for future connections.

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Earlier, the TV personality admitted to the existence of both "good days and bad days,” adding, “It's been a process. Really I just look forward to a future of a lot of forgiving and a lot of more understanding.”

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He elaborated, stating, “What will move us forward will be the grace, the love and the forgiveness. The same grace and love that we were giving each other 10 years ago as we're going through this very difficult process.”

He also recognized the toll that divorces and family breakups take on one's confidence and candidly stated the need to rebuild his self-esteem, “because it destroys your confidence when you go through a divorce or a family breakup.”

Inside Kody’s Journey From Polygamy To Monogamy

In a previous episode of TLC's "Sister Wives: One on One,” Kody shared all he learned navigating the tumultuous waters of his polygamy marriage

The entrepreneur firmly expressed his commitment to prioritizing depth and exclusivity within his existing relationship with his fourth and only remaining wife, Robyn, in response to inquiries about the possibility of adding another wife.

“I wouldn’t be interested. I would have to tell that woman I will never love you as much as I love her. Now I know better,” the TV personality insisted. 

A former sister wife, Janelle, also shed light on Kody's evolving perspective, hinting at a potential move towards monogamy."He’s now talking more and more about, ‘As we move forward into monogamy.’ So, I think that’s where he’s headed," she disclosed. 

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Confident in Kody and Robyn's newfound connection, Janelle asserted, “They have found something together at this stage of their life that seems to be very deep and I think it works. And that’s OK.” 

'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Accuses Christine Of Destroying Kody's Past
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Despite Kody's confidence, Robyn had expressed feelings of unease and disrespect regarding her continued relationship with him in a prior episode of the special. She noted the importance of securing permission from the other women as a vital step to progress in her marriage.

The mother-of-five also noted that she felt “disrespectful” as the only spouse finding happiness with Kody. Even with reassurances, citing affirmations from her former "Sister Wives," Robyn mentioned that their sentiments had not been communicated to her during private discussions. "They haven’t shared it with me off-camera," she noted.

Robyn emphasized the need for direct communication, stating, "I need an off-camera, to my face, because I don’t know how. It feels like it’s disrespectful to his kids. It feels disrespectful to the commitments that I made.”

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