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'Sister Wives' Kody Brown Is Leaning Towards Monogamy Going Forward

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 18, 2023 at 11:45 AM EST

Forget the large family dinners — Kody Brown has traded juggling multiple wives for a one-woman show with his fourth and only remaining wife, Robyn Brown

After years of navigating the turbulent waters of polygamy that came to a head during the COVID-19 pandemic, the "Sister Wives" patriarch has finally dropped anchor in the calmer seas of monogamy. 

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Kody Brown Officially Embraces Single Wife Life

The recent TLC's "Sister Wives: One on One" episode explored what lay ahead for the 54-year-old in the aftermath of failed marriages between him and his former wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine. 

The journey through their union had been tumultuous, marked by implosions within a mere 14 months. However, amidst the wreckage, the father-of-18 found himself undergoing a profound reflection on the lessons learned. 

When asked about the possibility of getting another wife, Kody's resolute stance emphasized a shift towards prioritizing depth and exclusivity in his current relationship with Robyn. The TV personality candidly revealed, "I wouldn't be interested. I would have to tell that woman I will never love you as much as I love her. Now I know better."

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At the same time, Janelle shed light on his evolving perspective, hinting at a potential shift towards monogamy. "He's now talking more and more about, 'As we move forward into monogamy.' So, I think that's where he's headed," she shared. 

The mother-of-six also confidently dismissed the notion of Robyn bringing another potential "sister wife" into the fold, even wagering $1,000 on her conviction. Janelle asserted, "They have found something together at this stage of their life that seems to be very deep and I think it works. And that's OK." 

Although Kody might be confident in his stance, a previous episode of the "Sister Wives: One on One" special showed his remaining wife expressing feelings of unease and disrespect about staying with him

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In a candid discussion with host Sukanya Krishnan, Robyn emphasized the significance of obtaining the other women's permission as a crucial step to move forward in her marriage. The tearful star conveyed her feelings of being "disrespectful" as the only remaining spouse experiencing happiness with Kody.

Despite reassurances from Krishnan regarding affirmations from her "Sister Wives," the mother-of-five revealed that these sentiments had not been shared with her during private discussions. In her words, she disclosed, "They haven't shared it with me off-camera." 

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Asserting a deep yearning for an "off-camera moment" with her former "Sister Wives," she pointed out, "I need an off-camera, to my face, because I don't know how. It feels like it's disrespectful to his kids. It feels disrespectful to the commitments that I made."

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The book author went further to prove she meant it by noting her commitment to her "Sister Wives" and Kody, stating, "My commitment to them, to their kids, to Kody about this family, it's not broken, and I don't know how to break it. I don't know how to be done with it." 

Robyn Brown's Thoughts On The Demise Of Their Plural Marriage

As the emotional complexities of her current predicament came to light in the "Sister Wives: One-on-One special," the 45-year-old shared a pivotal moment that marked the beginning of the end.

Robyn traced it to the family's relocation to Las Vegas, pointing out a shift that redirected focus from marital relationships to the adult children leaving home. However, while it must have been a lot to deal with, she clarified that the move was not the sole catalyst. Instead, she underscored the disruptive force of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Speaking with PEOPLE about what she termed the "perfect storm," Robyn stated, "I think it started with when we were in Las Vegas. So their focuses started to shift to kids that have left home to go live their lives, instead of focusing on their relationship with Kody."

The reality TV star noted the once-strong unity within the plural marriage crumbled as the pandemic unfolded. As she explained, conflicts arose from disagreements in crisis management, fueled by the newfound independence of family members.

According to her, "We weren't as united, and everybody [was] disagreeing about how to handle it. And it became this fight, and people were so independent by that point."

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