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Jen Selter In Tiny Bikini Takes A Nap On A Floating Bed

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By Kristin Myers on January 21, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Jen Selter is taking a nap in her little bikini!

The 30-year-old fitness trainer spent her Christmas holiday in Costa Rica, but before that, she celebrated her milestone birthday in Greece. It seems she still has some footage of her trip to share with her 14.2 million followers on Instagram!

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Jen Selter Goes 'Suns Out, Buns Out' In Greece

On Saturday, Jen shared a video that featured her lying facedown on a bed in Greece. She is napping on her stomach, showing off the curve of her body in a little yellow bikini. The bed is suspended above the water and faces the beautiful landscape as the sun sets in the distance.

“Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the fact that you’ll never get the same moment twice,” Jen wrote over the video. “I hope everyone has a great weekend,” she added in the caption. Many fans wished her a “happy weekend” in the comments and praised the “incredible views” that she shared.

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Jen Selter Teams Up With Amazon For A Fitness Shopping Spree

It looks like Jen might have done a lot of shopping with Amazon at the start of the new year, as she had a lot of new merchandise that she showed her followers, including a workout belt that allowed her to strap her dumbbells in at the sides while she did her glute bridges. She also seemed to be sporting a new yoga mat and a walking treadmill!

“Teaming up with @amazon to kick off the new year right! Making my fitness shopping spree super convenient, with everything I need for my workouts all in one spot. There’s just something about new clothes and equipment that gives you that extra motivation. Go shop now!” she wrote in the caption as fans thanked her for providing some much-needed Monday motivation!

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Jen Shares Another Healthy Recipe For Her Followers To Try!

Jen loves creating new recipes for her fans to try and usually releases one on her page per week, usually with a BlendJet giveaway to promote her partnership with the brand. “Join me and let’s make the best-chopped salads,” she wrote over a video of her preparing a chopped salad in her kitchen. She used a BlendJet in order to make the sauce and listed all of the ingredients in the description of her post.

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“There’s nothing quite like whipping up your own salad at home, where you’re the boss of your ingredients – no skimping allowed! I mean, haven’t we all been at a restaurant thinking, ‘Hey, can I get some extra cheese over here, please?’ And the best part? Blending up my own healthier fresh dressing – it’s the game changer,” she wrote in the caption while fans praised her for providing food “motivation and inspiration.”

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Jen Selter Shares A Suggestion To Help With Headaches

Jen often partners with brands that she thinks will improve the lives of her followers. In one of her latest Instagram videos, she attached a Cefaly device to her forehead in order to reduce headaches. “For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with migraines,” she wrote in the caption. “Finding relief can be a journey, but I’ve discovered something that has been really helpful.”

“@cefaly_official is this medical device that targets the trigeminal nerve to ease my migraine pain. They have 2 options. Their 60-minute ACUTE treatment works wonders for pain relief, and their daily 20-minute PREVENT treatment is helping me reduce the frequency of attacks. If you’re on a similar journey, this could be a game-changer!” she continued, adding, “For optimal results, pause your usual activities during treatments. I recommend using CEFALY while sitting or reclining, with your head tilted back.”

Interested in more Jen Selter content? In another recent Instagram post, the social media sensation left very little to the imagination as she stood in front of her camera and posed in a white bikini in Costa Rica! Fans can check out those steamy bikini snaps by clicking here!

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