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Jen Selter In White Bikini Is 'Still Mentally In Costa Rica'

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By Kristin Myers on January 20, 2024 at 8:00 AM EST

Model Jen Selter wishes she was still back in Costa Rica!

The 30-year-old fitness trainer is enduring the freezing temperatures of Chicago right now but mentally, she is still enjoying the warm weather in Costa Rica!

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Jen Selter Leaves Little To The Imagination

Two weeks into the new year, Jen shared two photos that featured her showing off her toned abs in a while bikini. She is standing barefoot on the rocks, her long dark hair falling in loose waves over her shoulders. In the final slide of her carousel, Jen treated her fans to a video that featured her showing off several different angles of her outfit.

“Still mentally in Costa Rica. Even though I’m all cozied up in my hoodie and sweatpants right now! What’s one spot on your bucket list this year?!” she asked her followers in the caption. “Literally anywhere but Chicago right now,” one fan commented, prompting Jen to reply, “Facts.”

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Jen Selter Is Feeling The Chill In Chicago

Even though she spent her Christmas vacation in Costa Rica, Jen started her new year in Chicago, where she struggled to keep warm. It was so cold outside that just throwing her water bottle up in the air caused it to erupt in a cloud of smoke.

“BURRRRR, it’s freezing in Chicago!! I was doing my late-night scrolling and saw this challenge- which I was excited to try. You know me, always up for some artsy content,” she wrote in the caption, which earned praise from fans who asked her for a slow-motion version of the video!

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Jen Selter Shares Relationship Lessons She Learned In Her 20s

Two weeks into the new year, Jen shared a video from Costa Rica that featured her posing in a two-piece white outfit that consisted of a white bandeau top that was tied around her back and a high-slit skirt. She stood barefoot on the wooden floor overlooking the beautiful landscape of Costa Rica. In the caption, Jen wrote, “24 Relationship lessons I learned in my 20’s” and proceeded to write them all out:

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1. You’re Not Asking Too Much: Remember, you’re not asking for too much; you might just be asking the wrong person.

2. Space for New: Holding onto someone means no room for someone new.

3. Never Beg: You should never have to beg someone to stay.

4. Align Your Futures: Make sure your future goals and timelines align.

5. True Colors: When people show you who they are, believe them.

6. Communication is Key: Good communication is essential in any relationship.

7. Judgment-Free: Be with someone who accepts you as you are.

8. Be Your Weird Self: The right person will love you for you.

9. Boundaries: They’re crucial for a healthy relationship.

10. Listen to Your Gut: If something feels off, it probably is.

11. Action Speaks: If someone wants to, they’ll make the effort.

12. No More Excuses: Stop making excuses for others.

13. Red Flags: They are warnings not to be ignored.

14. Embrace Imperfection: Every relationship is a work in progress. No one is perfect

15. No Drama: Choose someone who brings peace, not drama.

16. Understand Their Past: Everyone’s upbringing is different.

17. Love Bombing- Run

18. Gut Instinct: Always pay attention to what your gut is telling you.

19. Trust until given a reason not to.

20. Limit Chances: Two chances are enough. Leave the past behind.

21. Know What You Want: As you get older, your clarity on what you want and will tolerate grows.

22. Don’t Settle: It’s okay not to have settled in your 20s.

23. Can’t Change Someone: You might influence habits, but changing someone completely won’t happen

24. Everything Happens for a Reason: Trust the journey.

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“Spot on,” one fan commented. “No one tells me why they’re breaking up with me when I ask them why. 4 relationships and zero reasons or explanations. At least come up with an excuse,” another follower lamented while a third fan called Jen a “Goddess in paradise.” Another follower wrote, “Wow. Stunning. Great advice, Jen, especially 9, 10, and 11. Keep inspiring!”

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