Halle Bailey 'Hides Pregnant Belly', Steps Out In Baggy Clothes

Halle Bailey Flaunts Her Huge Baby Bump, Twerks Alongside Sister Chloe

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By Alisan Duran on January 18, 2024 at 12:00 PM EST

Halle Bailey shows off her big baby bump in a fun video with her sister Chloe!

Initially concealing her pregnancy, "The Little Mermaid" star camouflaged the news with loose clothing and behavior that raised suspicion among fans. But since the secret is finally out, Halle is showcasing her pregnancy journey to the world.

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The latest revelation unfolded through Halle's sister, Chloe, who shared a TikTok video dancing with the actress, showcasing her prominent baby bump.

The sisters danced to the explicit Krish song "Hands on Your Knees," engaging in lively moves that included bouncing, twirling, and twerking.

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That Pregnancy Glow

At one point, they playfully emphasized Halle's sizable belly, drawing attention to the pregnancy. Fans expressed delight in the comments, pleased to finally witness the authentic behind-the-scenes moments.

One exclaimed, "Love that we finally getting behind the scenes!!" while another added, "I love how y'all are posting these cuz we know by now," with a third noting, "The video screaming freedom from them drafts…. Now don't be shy post the remaining ones."

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Introducing Halo To The World

Halle recently opened up about her pregnancy and the subsequent arrival of her and DDG's son, Halo, in an Instagram post last week. She shared a photo of herself holding her little boy's hand, snug beneath several blankets.

Halo was adorned in a blue, white, and yellow onesie, accompanied by a gold bracelet with his name engraved on his wrist.

"Even though we're a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me, was bring me my son," Halle captioned the pic. "Welcome to the world my halo the world is desperate to know you."

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Pregnancy Rumors

Halle Bailey's Boyfriend Rapper DDG Disses Her In New Song For Kissing Onscreen

Speculation about Halle and DDG expecting a child had been circulating for a while. The rumors began earlier in the year when fans noticed the TV star potentially concealing a baby bump in her more oversized attire.

Halle also drew attention when she attended the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a loosely fitted orange dress that obscured her entire frame.

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'The Little Mermaid' Vibes

Earlier this week, Halle treated fans to additional photos from her pregnancy journey, showcasing her baby bump in a captivating underwater photoshoot.

After months of concealing her growing belly, Halle proudly displayed it in a shoot that echoed her Disney character, Ariel. The new mom, in a silver bra and short skirt, submerged underwater, sharing snapshots on Snapchat and teasing her followers with the caption, "Lmao watch the process of how I got these pics."

Subsequently, Halle shared a video showcasing her posing inside a massive fish tank while a photographer captured images of the model. Over the clip, she expressed, "I think this was my favorite dress in the water."

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