Bruce Willis' Daughter Rumer Talks Motherhood & Spending 'Love Filled Moments With Her Daddio'

Rumer Willis Talks Motherhood & Spending 'Love Filled Moments With Her Daddio'

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By Favour Adegoke on January 5, 2024 at 12:29 PM EST

Bruce Willis' eldest daughter, Rumer Willis, shared a lengthy post on social media, recalling her past year and all the ups and downs she faced.

The actress talked about giving birth to her daughter Isley and getting to share precious moments with her father, who has been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

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Rumer Willis: 'Finding My Way Back To Myself'

Rumer Willis flaunts postpartum glow
Instagram | Rumer Willis

Rumer is stepping into the New Year with a very positive outlook on life. In a lengthy and emotional post, the 35-year-old got candid about her 2023, noting her milestones and challenges.

"Finding my way back to myself…. Last year was incredibly dynamic, I grew a human being, gave birth at home (with no drugs) surrounded by my family," Rumer started.

"Navigated a new relationship while being pregnant and postpartum, fell in love with the tiny love of my life Lou, softened, became less resistant to my own bulls---, threw pots on a wheel, did 6pm ocean swims 4x a week in the winter, learned about what real intimacy looks like, working on being the most honest authentic version of myself, healing my trauma so I don't pass it on to my daughter...," she added.

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Rumer Willis
Instagram | Rumer Willis
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The actress gave birth to her daughter, 8-month-old Louetta Isley, with her boyfriend, Derek Richard Thomas, early last year.

Rumer recently shared a beautiful shot of herself and Thomas with their daughter to begin the New Year. One snapshot captured the actress and her partner sitting in a lake in their swimming trunks, while another featured the "Dancing with the Stars" alum and Thomas smiling for the camera, the latter holding their daughter Isley, whose face was covered.

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Rumer Willis Talks Being Sober For 7 Years

In her lengthy post on Instagram, Rumer gushed about her sobriety journey and how she has learned to love her body and be comfortable in her own skin.

She wrote, "Celebrated 7 years of sobriety, showed myself [I'm] not a weenie hehe, took a plunge in the ice cold river, loved myself more than I ever have, felt more beautiful and comfortable in my skin than I ever have, laughed, cried, fought, primal screamed, taken ownership, met new friends, wrote lullaby's with my daughters dad, shared moments of wonder at the tiny being who chose us..."

The actress has been very candid about her struggle with alcoholism in the past, noting that she learned her drinking was an issue when she tried to use it to fix her panic attacks.

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"When I would drink, I think obviously because it lowers your inhibitions, it gave me this false sense of confidence and I was almost using it as a tool … as a way to be this version of myself [that] I thought was smarter, funnier, more confident, more interesting," Rumer admitted during an interview with American Addiction Centers.

"And it's a lie, it's completely a lie. And it's this illusion of somehow you're this magical, sparkly version of yourself when you are drinking," she added. Following her years of struggle, she decided to give "Sober January" a try in 2016 and has been sober ever since.

She Spent Precious Moments With Her 'Daddio' Bruce Willis

Support Pour In For Bruce Willis & Family After Dementia Announcement
Instagram | Demi Moore

Still, in her IG post, Rumer talked about spending quality time with her father, Bruce Willis, who is currently battling dementia, and learning from her mother, Demi Moore.

She said, "Spent precious love filled moments with my Daddio, learned from my mama, celebrated my first Mother's Day and found strength in myself I didn't know existed and watched my daughter grow in front of my eyes."

Rumer and the Willis family were faced with the shocking reality of the actor's health condition after first discovering that he was suffering from Aphasia, which, after further diagnosis, was confirmed to be Frontotemporal dementia.

The family has rallied around the actor, regularly sharing precious moments with him on social media and keeping fans updated on his health.

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In one emotional post, Rumer shared a throwback photo of her and Bruce with the caption, "Missing my papa." In the sweet photo, Bruce could be seen holding baby Rumer in his arms.

According to reports, Bruce has lost his "language skills," and his family is making sure to spend every second they have with the Hollywood legend.

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