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Bruce Willis' Daughter Scout Shares Affectionate Father/Daughter Photo Amid Dementia Battle

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By Favour Adegoke on January 4, 2024 at 6:07 PM EST

Bruce Willis' daughter, Scout Willis, is showing the world how much she is supporting her father amid his health issues.

The singer started the year on social media by sharing a photo slide of memories, which featured an intimate photo with her father, who is currently suffering from dementia.

In the past, she has also shared heart-touching visuals of herself spending time with the "Die Hard" star.

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Scout Willis' Affectionate Picture With Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis' Daughter Scout Lays Her Head On His Chest In Affectionate Photo Amid Dementia Battle
Instagram | Scout Willis

Scout's start to the new year on social media began with the singer sharing a touching photo of her ailing father, Bruce.

The 32-year-old took to Instagram to post a carousel of photos of friends and family, featuring a cute moment of her snuggling with her father.

In the image, Bruce lay stretched across what seemed to be a bed, resting his head on a folded white towel. Scout, positioned beside him, rested her head on his chest, with one arm on his tattooed shoulder, while gazing affectionately at him. Bruce also gently laid both hands on Scout's face, seemingly tenderly caressing it.

In the caption, Scout added a remark that revealed she was shooting for great things this year. She wrote, "BIG YEAR FOR SCOUTER WELCOME TO THE JOY."

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Fans Loved Her Photo With Her Father

Bruce Willis' Holds On To Daughter Scout's Hand
Instagram Stories | Scout Willis

Despite Scout's post having many other pictures, fans fixated on the one with her father, awwing at the intimate moment they shared.

One fan wrote, "The pure and real moment between you and your dad is precious. I hope you have many more of them," while another said, "So tender the picture of you and your dad."

A third person commented, "The pics r all amazing .. but the one with u & ur father really moves me.... seeing the love ur face emanates towards ur dad makes me feel peace somehow.."

Another fan wrote, "I Absolutely Love Your pictures. Especially the one with you and your father. Definitely get that one framed!!"

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Some other fans also extended their New Year greetings to Scout. One mentioned, "Wishing you a very happy and happy 2024! May it bring you joy, happiness, success, prosperity, and most of all, health."

Another remarked, "Welcome to the joy. Absolutely love this!!! Welcome to the joy - no negativity. You either know or you don't. God bless."

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Scout Willis Has Shared Loving Photos Of Her Dad In The Past

On previous occasions, Scout has openly showcased her close bond with her father to the world. In June last year, she shared loving visuals of herself and the actor amid his ongoing struggles with a rare form of dementia.

In one of the shots, Scout could be seen resting her head on Bruce's right shoulder while he placed a kiss on her forehead. In the second one, Bruce raised Scout's hand to his head affectionately while she stood out of frame.

In the accompanying caption, she conveyed her deep affection for the "Die Hard" star and expressed admiration for how he has consistently embodied the exemplary qualities of a loving father throughout her life.

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She wrote, "I feel so lucky to know the kind of tenderness that this man shares, the deep admiration, respect, and reverence he has for his family. I feel so lucky that this incredible, vibrant man is my father."

All About Bruce Willis' Dementia Condition

Bruce Willis at the Motherless Brooklyn premiere at 57th NYFF

Back in March 2022, Willis' family disclosed that the actor was dealing with aphasia and was "stepping" away from acting. Then, in February of the following year, they revealed an additional diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia—a progressive disease leading to speech and language problems, emotional blunting, and changes in social behavior.

Fast forward to October, a friend of Willis, Glenn Gordon Caron, confirmed that the 68-year-old Die Hard star was no longer "totally verbal" and had lost his "language skills."

"He's not totally verbal; he used to be a voracious reader — he didn't want anyone to know that — and he's not reading now," said the "Moonlighting creator at the time, per Page Six. "All those language skills are no longer available to him, and yet he's still Bruce."

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Since being diagnosed, Willis has made fewer and fewer public appearances and was last spotted taking a solo walk on the streets of Santa Monica last December.

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