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A$AP Rocky’s Criminal Case Straining Relationship With Rihanna: 'They've Started Fighting All The Time'

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By Favour Adegoke on December 30, 2023 at 5:15 PM EST

Rapper A$AP Rocky and singer Rihanna are reportedly going through a rough patch.

The duo have been together since 2020 and have welcomed two kids. Per reports, the ongoing trouble in their marriage is caused by Rocky's upcoming criminal trial on gun-related and assault charges.

The charges stem from an altercation between the rapper and an ex-pal, Relli. If found guilty, Rocky faces over two decades in prison.

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Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Have 'Started Fighting All The Time'

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Recent reports circulating suggest that Rihanna's romance with A$AP Rocky is facing challenges.

Despite expanding their family with two sons, RZA and Rio, since they began dating in 2020, the couple hasn't been in the best place in recent months. The friction is said to be caused by Rocky's upcoming gun-related trial, stemming from an incident involving him and a friend in 2021.

"They've started fighting all the time because he's just got no patience for anything," a source said about Rocky and Rihanna's relationship, per the National Enquirer (Radar Online). They added that the rapper's "mood is terrible right now."

The source also noted that the celebrity couple's sex life has deteriorated in the wake of their issues.

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"Before this mess with the trial, they could hardly keep their off each other, but their sex life is nonexistent these days. They're both just too stressed," the insider claimed.

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Rihanna Is Allegedly Scared Of Becoming A Single Mother

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According to the insider, Rihanna knows that a conviction at the end of the trial means that she will spend the better part of the next decade being a single mother. This possibility makes her feel "absolutely terrified," along with the fact that it would imply that she would be separated from Rocky for a long time.

Apparently, the rapper has also shied away from his fatherly duties during this period. Per reports, he often leaves the house to hang out with friends whenever they have issues, and Rihanna isn't pleased with this act.

"Every time they get into a fight, he uses it as an excuse to duck out and hang with friends, while Rihanna's stuck at home on mommy duty," the insider added. "No wonder she's ticked off!"

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The Charges Against A$AP Rocky

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Back in August 2022, Rocky was charged with two counts of assault with a firearm. It came after he was arrested for an altercation involving him and his childhood friend Relli outside the W Hotel in West Hollywood.

In November 2023, a hearing was held on whether there was enough evidence for the case to move forward. At the time, Relli took to the stand, narrating how Rocky drew a gun on him while they were having an argument.

"He grabbed me on my collar. He was shaking me. I tried to push him off, get his hands off," Relli said, per Hollywood Life. "That's when [Rocky] pulled a gun from his waistband. It was a standard clip with a semi-automatic black gun. He pointed it toward my stomach."

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Relli continued, saying that the "Praise the Lord" rapper uttered the words, "I'll kill you right now," before firing multiple shots at him in his direction.

When Is A$AP Rocky's Trial Date?

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Based on the "totality of the video and testimony" about the incident, the court decided that there was enough evidence to move the case to trial, setting the date for January 8, 2024.

In a statement to the press, Rocky's lawyer, Joe Tacopina, maintained that his client was innocent and would prove it during the trial.

"We're not disappointed, not surprised, we expected to go to trial, we've been planning for trial all along," the attorney said. "Rocky is going to be vindicated when all this is said and done, without question."

At the time, Tacopina also shut down speculation about whether Rocky would want Rihanna at his trial.

"He would never subject his family, he wants to shield them, he's handling it like Rocky would handle something, he protects his family," Tacopina said.

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Rocky faces up to 24 years in prison if found guilty of the charges. He is also involved in a civil suit filed against him by Relli, which is currently on hold pending the decision on his criminal case.

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