Bethenny Frankel Mocks Kim Kardashian's Extravagant Christmas Decorations

Bethenny Frankel Mocks Kim Kardashian's Extravagant Christmas Decorations

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By Favour Adegoke on December 24, 2023 at 5:14 PM EST

Former "Real Housewives of New York City" star Bethenny Frankel has roasted Kim Kardashian's outlandish Christmas decorations.

The television personality and author turned to TikTok to subtly poke fun at Kardashian's decor, which was an over-the-top white Christmas theme. In a separate post, Frankel addressed a fan who had criticized her for mocking the reality star's festive decor.

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Bethenny Frankel Roasts Kim Kardashians Christmas Decorations

Bethenny Frankel playfully criticized Kim Kardashian's Christmas decorations days after the reality star gave fans a glimpse of them on her Instagram feed.

Taking to TikTok, Frankel shared a video of herself outdoors amidst snow-covered pine trees. She could be seen asking fans whether they wanted to see Kardashian's living room, then proceeding to take a 360-degree view of her surroundings with her camera.

She subtly implied that the reality star's Christmas decorations for her living room were on par with the wintry scene she had showcased. Adding a touch of sarcasm, Frankel remarked that it was one of Kardashian's "best works" and concluded with a wish for her to have happy holidays.

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In her caption for the video, she doubled down on her roast of the mother of four, saying," Nice decor, Kim. I love the simplicity." She added the hashtags #holidays, #kimkardashian, #decorations, and #holidaydecor.

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Bethenny Frankel Responds To Fan Slamming Her For Roasting Kim Kardashian

Shortly after her post, fans took to the comment section to respond to Frankel's roasting of Kardashian's Christmas decor.

While many of them understood it was all done in good spirits with no intention to badmouth Kardashian, some fans didn't see it that way.

One particularly overzealous fan made the comment, "Grow up and remember u are supposed to set an example for your daughter."

This prompted Frankel to respond in a new video, telling the fan that she should not "take herself too seriously." Frankel went on to say that it was expected that people would make fun of Kardashian's holiday decor based on its lavish floral appearance.

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To conclude her diatribe, Frankel said that it was most likely that Kardashian and many other people understood the humor behind her comments. She then urged the fan in question to set an example for her own daughter by "getting a sense of humor."

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What Did Kim Kardashian's Holiday Decor Look Like?

Last Friday, Kardashian gave her 364 million Instagram fans an inside look at the holiday decor for her $60 million mansion in Los Angeles, California.

The hallways of the home were adorned with numerous trees, creating the illusion of being covered in snow and complementing the white paint of the house. The trees, numbering in double digits, also stretched almost to the ceiling inside her home.

A central Christmas tree could also be seen, aglow with bright lights and surrounded by a substantial stack of presents wrapped in white SKIMS cotton fabric.

Extending the festive ambiance to the outdoors, Kardashian designed the driveway with trees similar to those found in the hallway and adorned with vibrant lights. She also maintained her music holiday tradition, featuring a daily piano performance for her children as Philip Cornish's music could be heard playing in the background.

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Kim Kardashian Always Goes Out With Her Holiday Decorations

Kardashian's outlandish decor isn't surprising, as the SKIMS founder is renowned for going all out when decorating her home for the holidays.

Before the holiday decor made headlines, Kardashian had also put up an impressive display for the last Halloween.

As part of the decor,  Kardashian designed two trees ahead of the entrance of her house with fake human skulls and bones for a macabre look.

Adding to the spooky setup were scary white-cloaked figures lining the halls, with one in particular seated with lit candles. They were also fake, with hands reaching from the ground, completing the macabre theme.

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