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Kim Kardashian Takes Notes From Son Saint, Flips Off Paparazzi

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By Afouda Bamidele on December 20, 2023 at 8:14 PM EST

Kim Kardashian is following in her children's footsteps and telling the paparazzi to back off in an unfashionable way!

Months after her son Saint West made headlines for flipping off the paps, the socialite is doing the same after she was found seemingly not looking her very best.

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Kim Kardashian Gives The Bird To The Paparazzi

Kardashian was seen on Tuesday in Los Angeles leaving the skincare clinic Epione Tuesday. The SKIMS founder tried to keep a low profile decked in an all-black look that was starkly different from her usual glammed-up vibe, but the paparazzi wasn't having it, so she gave them the middle finger.

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She donned a black baggy hoodie worn over her head paired with a black low-neck tee and baggy pants. She covered her face with a pair of black futuristic glasses while holding a bag of products and a Birkin.

The nonchalant vibe is unusual from the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" alum but it brings to mind an October outing where she scolded her oldest son Saint for doing the same thing.

As we reported, the 8-year-old flipped off the paps for the first time in September after his mom was picking him up after his basketball game in Los Angeles. In a viral video of the encounter, Kim, Saint, and his friends were walking from the game to their cars when the little one flipped off.

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Immediately, the reality star went into full mama bear mode and scolded Saint, who giggled while shielding his face from her hand. Saint's gesture blew into a discussion online, with many defending the tween's unruly action.

"If I had this life since the day I was born, I would react like this too tbh," remarked one fan, while another wrote, Lil Saint West gave paparazzi the finger. Him and North do not mess with them people. Both parents need to do better with keeping them out of the limelight."

This Internet user penned, "Being followed by Papparazi all ur childhood has to be actual hell and so traumatic," while another urged, "First of all she needs to stop calling them, her children are constantly showing her that they hate it."

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Another comment read, "Now that's Kanye's son for sure. I love Saint. @KimKardashian please don't blame him. These paps deserve it."

Kim Kardashian seen at a rainy London eye with her kids filming for her new tv series
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Despite Kim's scolding, the 8-year-old wasn't persuaded as he repeated the offensive gesture a month later when she opened the car door for Saint and his friends to disembark from the vehicle.

In a similar manner, her eldest son planted a cheeky smile on her face while giving the bird, but Kim's "no-nonsense" parenting style came to light when she grabbed the youngster's middle finger and told him to "stop" with a firm look.

This time, the internet praised Kim's parenting skills. "Awwwwnnnn mummy duties. Well done Kim," one X user praised while another wrote, "A good parent right there." A fan noted, "Kim's reactions are always funny," while another noted, "The way Kim said stop."

A Look At Kim Kardashian's Ridiculous Display Of Christmas Trees

Kim's uneventful run-in with the paparazzi comes weeks after she unveiled her lavish Christmas decoration on social media. In an Instagram Story update, the SKKN By Kim founder flaunted a forest of white trees that lined her hallway.

The snow-dusted pine trees lined the long hallway, creating a winter wonderland that defied the usual glitz associated with the Kardashian name.

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Kim Kardashian Shows Off Multiple Christmas Tree Decor & Bizzare Couch
Instagram | Kim Kardashian

A video captured the hallway lined with snow-covered trees, leading to a living room featuring five beige stockings, a gold tree, and a mesmerizing piano performance by Grammy-winning pianist Philip Cornish.

One can only imagine the cost of the extravagant display often attached to the Kardashian-Jenner family. The large amount of trees is a nod to the festive competition between Kim and her sisters.

Time will surely tell who will take home the prize for this year's best Kar-Jenner Christmas decor.

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